The Dry Bar

On a Friday night in May when TJ was out of town, I got a babysitter and got to celebrate a birthday for a new but dear friend of mine! We have been serving in the same calling this year and it’s been so fun to get to know each other! We had dinner in Provo then went to the Dry Bar, a comedy club downtown with clean comedians. The venue was so cool and the comedians did not disappoint. In fact, I laughed so much, my face hurt from smiling so much at the end of the night! You definitely have to check it out. The next season of shows start in June.

Hike to the G

We tried out the trail that leads you up to the “G” in Pleasant Grove. It starts at the same place as the falls trail, but was definitely more steep and a harder hike with kids. It was the first hike Eva had done on the side of a mountain where you look down at the valley, so I think that scared her a bit. That being said, we didn’t make it to the G but we definitely got close! I am so proud of that little hiker of mine! I got quite the workout with Finn on my back, but my ergo is still so comfortable with him back there, I’m blown away at how good of a carrier it is! And sadly, I don’t have a photo of TJ with us, but he did join us for the hike… don’t worry! We do not do hikes like this alone!

The Dinosaur Museum

One Monday in May, we watched Eva’s buddy for the afternoon and since it was rainy, I took them to the museum. Finn pretty much had the best time of his life and roared 100% of the time while he walked around. Isn’t this photo hilarious?

The Tulip Festival

The second half of April was actually pretty rainy and cold, so I felt like the Tulip Festival didn’t have too many awesome days like they did last year. But thankfully, one Monday it brightened up for us, and I took the kids with my friend and her kids. It was a beautiful day, and the gardens did not disappoint, as usual. I can’t believe that this place is virtually in our backyard. We are so luck to have Thanksgiving Point so close and to have a pass!


BFF Reunion

My good friend Ashley who lived in Jersey at the same time as us was in Utah for her sister’s graduation, so we got to spend some time with them at the end of April! If you remember, the last time they came, they all got really sick and it was incredibly disappointing for all of us; so this trip really made up for it! Eva and Brooks were best friends immediately again and played so well together. Brooks would copy everything Eva did and she loved it. We went to the mall one evening, and those two were running ahead while we pushed our little boys in the strollers. It was major deja vu since in Jersey/NYC, we’d push our kids in the stroller together every day… but now we have two more sweet kids in the mix! Thanks for coming, friend! Come back soon (and stay forever pleeeeeez!)