‘Tis the Season

Since I majored in Advertising, I can’t help but to notice all the great campaigns that come out during the Christmas season. So, I’m sure I’ll continue to keep posting more of my favorite YouTube videos. Enjoy these two… they’re quite different, but I love both of them!



Must Watch Commercials


You’re not fooling anyone!

There is a commercial that keeps playing on my Hulu with these two woman who are supposed to be the same person. Really… am I the only person who thinks this was not planned out well? Not only are they completely different heights, their faces don’t look similar at all. Isn’t this obvious? I don’t understandddddd.

Open Happiness

I have realized how much I love Advertising. Well, I’ve always known, considering it is my major. But I didn’t know the extent of my adoration.

Yesterday, I finished my exams. I worked a long day at work. I was going to go to Walmart and buy wrapping paper and some tulle for a craft I’m working on. I decided to also treat myself to a Diet Coke.

When I opened the coke and took the first sip, I seriously thought, “Man, this is really happiness.”

I then realized where I had learned that phrase–from Coke’s slogan–Open Happiness.

They really nailed it with that slogan. They captured how I felt when I took that first sip of coke, letting my stress roll away, and getting excited about the holidays.

Great job, Coke.  Ya nailed it.


Start Spreadin' the News

Today was the day. I got an email telling me the NY Internship Program Acceptance list was up.

Carrie and I walked over immediately, prepared ourselves for the worst, for what was probably going to be our reality.

Upon walking into the office, the secretary and our good friend Lauren walked out. I said,

“I know I didn’t get in, I just want to look at the list.”

She said to both Carrie and I,

“No! You guys made it, you’re alternates, but you both made it!”

Turns out the program doesn’t have much housing available for the program, so if we can find our own housing, they will be able to place us in an internship this Spring in NYC!

I am so happy, grateful, and excited! I can’t believe I was considered and at least made it to the alternates list! The situation is perfect because I was hoping to find my own housing anyway with a family so it would cut down a lot of costs.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and prayers! Now if you know anyone who might be able to find me a place to stay (and hopefully T.J. too) then let me know!

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Funky Facial Disguises

Today, my friend Carrie (who is also waiting to hear about the NY Internship) and I took a break and tried to regain our sanity.

After getting drinks at sonic and wishing they were alcoholic (okay, not at all. I very much keep the Word of Wisdom and would never drink alcohol. But we were joking how if there was a time we needed a “drink”– it would have been today. That’s why we decided to get something with caffeine instead of just my normal swig of water), we headed back to campus and passed Honks.

I’d never been there, just passed it a lot on my way to Smith’s. Honks, a REAL dollar store, in fact much of their stuff is less than one dollar, is “always an adventure…always…” (according to their advertising).

Impulsively, I decided to live by ol’ Vegas slogan that states:

Don’t think. Just do.

So, I pulled in and told Carrie we’re going in. And we decided to buy a few things for the others in our group because we were having our big presentation today.

For Dan, we got a pirate hook and eye patch. For Garrett, a transformer robot plane and mustache. For Frank, light up pens (he loves pens) and a 3-D Eagle photograph with my added bit of inspiration- “SOAR!”

It was great. We found tons of treasures. And only spent like 3 dollars each. But the best treasures of them all were the mustaches we got from the vending machine.

Mine looked too much like a real-nasty bleached peach fuzz mustache, so I will not be posting that photograph. But here’s Carrie’s awesome one:

Turns out, the trip to Honks was really what we needed to feel better and lighten the mood from this disappointing and busy week.


New York, New York

So any day now, through the next week or two, I will get an email to find out if I got the New York Internship I applied for. The Journalism emphasis already found out if they got it, so the anticipation is really starting to grow.

I’m trying to make a list of good things about not getting in. So far I have the following:

  • We will save about $8,000.
  • We don’t have any money, anyways.
  • I will be able to go to Ryan’s wedding.
  • I will be able to go to Dana’s wedding.
  • I can get a job right after graduation and not worry about school.
  • I won’t have to pay tuition for Spring term.
  • I won’t have to do the weekly emails and stuff that is required for the internship program.
  • I will not be away from T.J. (He would come, but not for the whole time).

Pretty good list, right? True, but mot as good as this list:

  • It will be the most exciting few months of my life.
  • I’d live on Columbia’s campus for a few months.
  • It will be the most amazing opportunity for my career!
  • It will help me figure out if I like the pace and can handle the pace of city life in a big agency.
  • New York City shopping.

Anyway, I know whatever will happen will be for the best. Keep me in your prayers!


I’ve been working day and night on my portfolio for my NY Internship program application, due this Friday. It’s just about finished but I’m showing it to a professor today who will probably tear is  a part, but it’s for the best, right?

Creating this portfolio and application, however stressful it may be, is REALLY getting me excited about the internship. If selected (which I sure hope I will be because I’ve had an internship before and I’m a senior), then the committee here sends my portfolio out to several agencies in New York, including Young and Rubicam, McCann Erickson, and Ogilvy & Mather. It will cost T.J. and I a fortune–there’s no way we will ever be able to afford it unless we get grants or figure something else out financially. But it’s an investment and will be one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever had!

Wish me luck!


Hello, Reality

Yesterday was the career fair on campus. Because I have been constantly worrying about what lies ahead of me when I graduate, I decided this was a great opportunity to look for some internships or job possibilities. Even if it wouldn’t lead to any definite plans, it could give me a little direction.

I dressed up in a little red jumper with leggings and flats, I thought I looked professional enough until I saw the mass amounts of guys in suits from the Marriott school. Now, I’m aware that they needed to wear those suits because they would be making some very important contacts at the event, but boy, did I feel like a little kid who lost her way.

The only thing worse than feeling intimidated is acting intimidated. So, I decided to act like the career fair wasn’t giving me a panic attack, hold my head high, and suck it up.

I actually did meet a few great contacts. I’m not sure if they will evolve into anything, but it gave me a little hope that there are jobs available in my general field. With my degree in Advertising, I can go the business route to marketing or I can go the creative route to graphic design. I mean ultimately I would love to work specifically within Advertising, but if other possibilities come my way, I won’t turn them down.

Adobe was there. This was probably the best and most exciting contact I made. The man I met with is a marketing analyst  who works a lot with SEO for their clients. Uhm, hello? I would love to do that! I gave him my online resume URL and felt a little better about myself!

I also met with an advertising and marketing agency in Orem. They’re pretty small, but when I told them I am very interested in social media marketing, they seemed very excited. I gave them my URL, as well.

Most of these people were seeking people who could start in the winter, which I won’t be graduated by then. But I am still excited that I went to the fair to see that there will be opportunities when I graduate.

“My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith.”
-President Monson