Play Dates and Co-Op

We are big believers of play dates and the co-op babysitting system I’m in. I can’t really imagine life without it all! I do babysit at least one time a week but because of it, I also have tons of time without my kids! We were also able to go on a trip without the kids because my friend was able to watch my kids! In turn, I watched her kids while she and her husband went to Hawaii. Yesterday, I had 11:30-4:30 without my kids because we swapped kids with friends. Now today, they’re playing at my house. They’re playing, the TV stays off the entire day, and the kids learn how to play with other kids and go to other people than just me! Because of the co-op, I can teach a class in the middle of the work week without paying a babysitter or run to Target sans kids. If you don’t have a co-op in your neighborhood, you should start one! I can send you the details! This sounds like a weird sponsored post for babysitting co-ops, but clearly it’s not. I just am super passionate about it!

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