Eva turned 6!

I literally cannot believe that our little Eva is now six. It’s just crazy how quickly time flies. On the morning of her birthday, I took them and her friend Luke to get donuts. Then Eva was excited for school because she would “get a ring pop and a crown.” Eva so wanted a friend party this year, so we had her 5-6 year old friends in the neighborhood over for a movie night that evening. It was really simple and the kids were pretty hyper to say the least, but I think they all had a fun time! Then the next day, we had lunch with her cousins and grandparents and went out for a round of bowling. They were all so cute cheering each other on. Here’s the post I wrote on Instagram about her:

My to-do list this month is seriously never ending and this afternoon, I started getting frustrated with myself for planning a birthday party for Eva. It seemed like extra work when I already have a lot going on. But when Eva saw it all set up, her reaction was PRICELESS. In the cutest voice, she pranced around and said, “Are you kidding me, mom?!? This is AMAZING!” Suddenly it was all worth it. She is just the SWEETEST child ever. Every single morning since she was a baby, she has woken up with such joy! She is excited for new adventures. Loves her cousins and grandparents so much. She is a social butterfly and can talk your ear off. She can’t wait to go to church each week. She sings and dances wherever she goes. I could go on and on about my DIVA EVA, a nickname she was given as a newborn and has continually lived up to. We love you so much! Happy Birthday tomorrow, kid!!!

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