Fantastic Beasts

My good friend Danica has a Harry Potter club and decided to rent out a theater for the club and her family + friends to see Fantastic Beasts. It was such a fun evening to watch that amazing movie with friends!



Baby Steps

One of my all-time favorite movies is What About Bob. If you haven’t watched it before, why are we even friends? JK-but really… go watch it right now. Dr. Marvin, Dr. Leo Marvin, has the brilliant advice to take baby steps in your life. It’s a really comedic scene, but in all reality, it’s such great advice. It randomly came into my mind last week when I was dealing with something, and I keep thinking about it. When we are having a hard time, dealing with anxiety, or just simply don’t want to do something (e.g. work out, eat healthy, wake up early, etc), think of it in baby steps. We can do anything for one minute. So start with that minute. Do what you’ve gotta do, then do it again the next minute. Minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, you can get through it. Baby steps. Baby step around the room… baby step out the office……. I’m sailing………. I’m a sailor! Okay, I’ll stop with the quotes now. But I will finish the post with a photo of me at Halloween when I was Bob!


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We got Annie!

I grew up watching and loving the original Annie musical. I also loved seeing it when local schools or theaters would perform it. Obviously, none of the remakes can compare to the original, but when I saw the preview for the new one I was so excited!

Turns out, my friend also is obsessed with this musical so we saw it on opening night! The theater didn’t have many people, except for more girls who were our age reliving their childhood haha!

My thoughts on the movie? I loved it. I mean, it was cheesy and there were dumb parts for sure. But overall, the music was really enjoyable! And the new Annie was ADORABLE! I love her so much. Probably more than the original because she’s not as obnoxious. Her voice was so sweet and seeing her a modern kid in NYC really tugged at my heart strings. Jamie Foxx was also a huge surprise. I really liked his voice, who would have known? And my favorite part? The end when they’re singing together just about a mile down the road from where I live! That was pretty awesome to see them out at Liberty State Park and on the river path I walk on! So, if you grew up loving the musical… go see it! It’s not better than the original, but it’s still a fun movie that brought me to tears a couple times and made me want to stand up and dance and sing!


St. Vincent

Last night T.J. and I went to the movies and saw the new Bill Murray movie, St. Vincent. I grew up watching Bill Murray’s movies all the time. My favorites: What About Bob, Ghostbusters, The Man Who Knew Who Little, Scrooged, and Larger than Life. Since those were all filmed about twenty years ago, it was so strange to see Bill Murray playing an old grumpy man. I think I like him better as Bob who is taking baby steps to a more positive, healthy life but this movie redeemed itself in the end.

Overall, I really loved the film. Not just because Billy Murray starred in it, but because the story was very interesting and well written. It was like About a Boy with Hugh Grant, only with a grumpy, old, broke man. Yet, I didn’t expect it to be SO depressing. I cried several times! I felt so sad for him, and sad for all the people in the world like him. But like I said, it was a really great ending and left on a happy note, fortunately.

Disclaimer: the first five minutes had an F-word and a quick scene of him and the “lady of the night” in bed. The rest of the movie had some language but probably the same amount you hear walking down the streets of NYC. Just thought I would let you know in case you see the movie and then can’t believe I recommended the movie to you. 

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Meet the Mormons

Tonight we have tickets to a screening of Meet the Mormons in the city! We are very excited to see the film (and have a double date night). I saw online that David Archuleta has a new song out that will be in the movie. I love David so much so I had to share the song with you. Listen and share, and even download the song here! I just wish that they released a music video instead of just the track… maybe that’s coming?

Pitch Perfect

Really, guys? You all LOVED it? Just about 99% of my friends recommended this movie to me. I got so excited to see it that I almost bought it instead of waiting for it to come out on Redbox. Thankfully, I came to my senses and didn’t buy a movie I hadn’t seen before and waited a couple more weeks.

Well, I watched it a couple nights ago and although there were funny parts and the music was pretty good, I have no desire to ever see it again. I feel like they were trying to mix Glee with Mean Girls and it just didn’t work, not to mention there were a lot of crude parts. The main character is so unlikable and I got annoyed that they all of a sudden could sing wonderfully together half way through the movie. Maybe I’m being too hard on it. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood? Please tell me what my problem is! I wish I could jump on the bandwagon (like I finally have with Downton Abbey)… But my high expectations were sorely crushed.

P.S. If “Fat Amy” wasn’t in the movie, I would have turned it off. But I have to admit she was very entertaining.


The Last of the Twilight Premieres

A couple weeks ago, my friend Erin invited me to go see Twilight with her and some friends on the night of the premiere. Fortunately, the tickets were for 10 pm, not midnight… I don’t think I could do a minight showing anymore!

I actually loved the movie. I never read the books or really got into the other movies, although I always saw them and enjoy watching them from time to time when I need a cheesy chick flick to watch. But this last one, it was intense and Bella and Edward were actually enjoyable to watch since they weren’t so depressed the whole time.


Movie Reviews

Since I’ve been in Kentucky, I have seen a lot of movies. It is a lot easier to grab a Redbox here with the extra help, and I’ve been able to go to the theater while my parents stayed with Eva. Here’s what I thought:

We Bought a Zoo

Loved it. I love Matt Damon and I love that he’s playing the dad in movies now. It was such a sweet story and refreshing to see something whole-heartedly uplifting.


I liked it but it isn’t my favorite Pixar film. I don’t know about you, but I just hold Pixar up on a pedistool and expect everything from them to be amazing, because it usually is. And it really was entertaining, but I just wasn’t in love with the story plus the plot was rather bland. I did cry a couple times because it made me think that one day my little baby might not love me. That will be the WTOML.

The Vow

Wow. I held off on watching this because I knew it would make me sad, especially being away from T.J. I cried a LOT and was still so sad in the end! But Rachel McAdams did a fabulous job (obviously) and Channing wasn’t too shabby himself, surprisingly. I loved it and this is now going to be one of my go-to-chick-flick-I-want-to-eat-ice-cream-and-cry movies.

New Years Eve

Guys. This was so good! How come nobody told me about it or recommended it to me? I could have watched a movie on each separate person. Plus, since I just visited NY, it was so fun seeing the city!


I have to admit, when I saw the preview I thought, “Why go to all the trouble to save three whales?” But I had a HUGE change of heart and pretty much fell in love with that little whale family. And man, wasn’t  John Krasinski great? I think I might have to buy this one.

A Little Bit of Heaven

Welp. This one I do not recommend. First of all, I had to fast forward several parts because they were kind of crude. Second of all, I cried a lot. Not like in The Vow, Brave, or The Miracle. They were full out hard cries and it was not pretty. I think I was so emotional because it’s about a woman with cancer and that is just too sad for me to watch a movie about. I kept thinking about my friends and grandparents who have/had cancer and pretty much lost it over and over.


So, there you have it. I promise I have done more than watch TV since I’ve been in Kentucky, I just had to take advantage of this extra time to myself!

Now… I want to hear what YOU have to say about these movies!


I don’t like what you say!