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Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, we got a babysitter and got sushi together. I surprised him with an Apple Watch with money from our tax return. It was pretty fun to surprise him with something big like that, especially since it was totally unexpected. He thought it was a Harry Potter wand from the shape of the […]

Play Dates and Co-Op

We are big believers of play dates and the co-op babysitting system I’m in. I can’t really imagine life without it all! I do babysit at least one time a week but because of it, I also have tons of time without my kids! We were also able to go on a trip without the […]

Funny Finny: Age 2 to 2.5

Finn is a ham. We say it nearly every day. He loves to make us laugh and is naturally a silly kid with so much character. But the age two has also brought lots of tantrums and other difficulties. Some phases, such as hitting for no reason, thankfully have ended, so progress is definitely being […]

Snow Days

We didn’t actually have much snow or even really cold weather until the very end of Winter, when everyone was hoping Spring would come along. But we did have a few big snow storms which the kids enjoyed. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but in our back yard, when we […]


Vegas Work Trip

My dad had another convention (Shot Show) he was working at in Vegas in January, so I went down to help him for a few days. The show was pretty crazy, I’ve never seen or been around that many guns in my life, but it was really fun getting to spend quality time with my […]

COPA Recitals

Eva did a musical dance theater class this year at COPA. By the end, you could tell she really did enjoy it, although it was sometimes out of her comfort zone and she really wished she had a friend do it with her. In her Winter concert, they did songs from Meet Me in St. […]

New Cousins!

This Winter we got two new nephews and one new niece! It’s been fun having new babies in the family again, and no… we haven’t gotten the fever yet haha! When my sister-in-law Lacey was in labor, we got to keep her older kids. It was so much fun anticipating with the kids. They were […]

Go Jazz!

The Jazz season is over now and we really had a good time getting to go to so many games! We were really lucky that TJ’s work offered him so many free tickets, it made our date nights this past Winter so much fun. Can’t wait for the next season, although we don’t have cable […]


Christmas in Kentucky

Sometimes it’s hard to have my parents live so far away, but one fun thing is that when we visit at Christmastime, it makes us feel like we get two Christmases! The kids and I flew to Kentucky the day after Christmas. The kids did pretty well on the flight and were excited to see […]

Christmas Shenanigans

Life is BUSY! When I do have free time, I don’t want to get on my computer, but it’s now JUNE and I still haven’t posted about Christmas yet! So I’m going to do my best and remember the details from the past few months since I use this blog as my journal! Christmas Eve […]