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My friend Ashley and I were talking the other day on the subway about how some of the fashion blogs we follow, as they’ve become more popular, their clothing has become more and more expensive. Just the other day I was looking one of my favorite blogs and she had this adorable knit lace top that I would love, so I clicked through the link only to find out it was $250. TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS. Alright, well, I wear Target clothes. And The Limited sales rack. And I’m perfectly fine with it. It just is unbelievable to think anyone, other than a rich celebrity would ever buy a shirt for that much money. And then… they link it on their blog thinking, hey guys, just in case you want to buy this shirt too here it is…. oh wait, you might have to take out a loan first.

And then there’s the kids fashion. I love to have Eva dressed in cute clothes. But have you seen that girl? 95% of the time, she’s wearing a dress over the outfit I put her in. Why? Well, I think it’s cool to make her look like a hippie all the time. Just kidding… Eva loves wearing dresses and I want her to be happy, so you’ve got to choose your battles. Anyway, I’ll be looking at a blog for kid’s clothes, they’ll link something adorable, and it will cost more than my grocery bill. So, no, thanks. I’m not going to buy a dress for $80 at Anthropologie, just because Eva looks darling in it. I’ll take the cute $15 Carters dress that is adorable but has a friendly price tag. Ashley said she was looking at cute boy leggings and they were THIRTY dollars. All organic, and made of the most precious materials apparently. Can we just get the NON-organic leggings, please? I never had organic clothes growing up. And frankly, I don’t even know what that means or why it’s so important for clothing unless you have allergies. So, let’s bring the price tag down to ten bucks now. Great.

One last thing. My kid plays with bulky, colorful, plastic toys. AND SHE LOVES IT. They might not be pleasing-to-the-eye and are more of an eyesore in my home instead, but I’m not the one playing with them. SHE IS. So, when did it become un-cool to let your kid play with those fun, bright, noise-making toys? How come on all the kids blogs these days, everyone is playing with these fancy wooden, antique, hand-crafted, all-natural, pieces of art? Did I go too far with that one? I’m sorry. I just think we need to stop caring if our kid isn’t playing with the trendiest toy from Etsy, and instead start letting our kids play with the FUN toys they enjoy while wearing princess gowns over their Target, sales-rack, clothes! Enough is enough, so let’s stop this crazy blog trend because I just don’t think it’s real life! My life might not look like it’s out of a magazine but we sure know how to have fun and play!

P.S. Am I saying we shouldn’t own ANY precious Melissa and Doug toys or occasionally splurge on a nice outfit for us or our kids? No! My life motto is TREAT YO’SELF! I love the Janie & Jack store just as much as the next person! But let’s get real, be smart about our money, and let our kids be kids! And that $250 blouse… yeah, that’s never going to happen in my neck of the woods even if I had the money to buy it. Ridiculous.

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  1. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    Love this!! Thanks for posting, lately I have noticed the same thing. Who pays four hundred dollars on a dress from nordstrom not this girl 🙂 loved it and the honesty

  2. Erin
    Erin says:

    I have a theory that all those peeps just pull out the beautiful wooden toys for blog photoshoots and then let their kids play with the things they actually WANT to play with the rest of the time.

  3. Mandy
    Mandy says:

    Don’t you know that those lace knit tops are made with rainbows and unicorn poop? It makes them practically PRICELESS. $250 is a small amount to pay to be clothed in such rare material.

  4. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Girl preach! Love this, our cute kiddos are just as cool as any with their sale rack, under 10 dollars or I’m not giving it a second look clothes and their bright loud obnoxious plastic toys!

  5. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    TOTALLY agree. It makes me stop following their blogs because I start get jealous and think about how my life could be better. I’d rather just be grateful for what I do have. Target for life!

  6. Laura
    Laura says:

    Seriously. Also have you seen the Pinterest board called “my imaginary well dressed toddler daughter”? You will love it. It’s excellent.

  7. Sarah tyau
    Sarah tyau says:

    Katie, I love you! Im catching up on yiur blog posts and this is awesome! And girl, i have a hard time spending $15 on my girls! Haha seriously, their clothes are mostly under $10 and if its $15-20, it better be the cutest dress ive ever seen! I have noticed the wood toys, i think its ridiculous how even toys become whats “in” like the strollers and what not! But speaking from another point of view, those bloggers might’ve gotten some of those things for free. Ive gotten $38 leggings for my son that i would never ever pay for for free in exchange for sponsorship logo. While i would never pay that much, i got it for free and it was so cute and i was pretty excited i didnt have to pay any for it. 🙂


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