Remembering 9/11

Another year has passed since the terrible events on 9/11. I always watch a couple YouTube videos about the day and I specifically like the Mormon Message called Finding Hope, about a man who was there on that day. Watch and share.

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The Best Two Years

As you may know, we moved. 2198 miles. It was kind of a big move. And very emotional. But let’s go back a couple months.

It was the end of March and we were about to sign our apartment lease for another year. TJ was offered a full time job with Johnson & Johnson, the company he had been with for two years but as a freelance employee. It was our dream. We had prayed for the whole two years that the hiring freeze at J&J would be over and that they’d bring him on as a “full time” employee, which the only difference was a that it was a salary with benefits job, instead of an hourly wage. Well, the freeze was finally lifted and they really wanted him to stay once his freelance contract was over. He was about to say yes and sign another year for our home, when one of TJ’s old adjunct professors from BYU randomly called him and said he had a full-time senior designer position available in Utah and wanted TJ to take it.

At that point, we were so confused. Several weeks earlier we had looked at the prospect of moving away from the city just because we are expecting another kid and Eva will be in preschool in the fall, but none of the options really worked out and so we decided to stay put. But then this job just kind of fell into TJ’s lap. And when all of the details came through, we knew we had to at least consider the option. The details of the job were right but was the move? And was it right to leave J&J? We toiled back and forth day after day. We both made intense pro/con lists and then weighted the importance of each item. They were intense lists, y’all. There was the whole- we live in NYC which is really cool… do we want to go back to the burbs-attitude? It took a little bit to get over that city pride, but we really did love the city and it was something consider. The lists went on and on… We loved our ward SO much. The diversity of Jersey City. Everything to do in NYC. The simplicity of life. We had just gotten used to Jersey and considered it home. We weren’t ready to say goodbye to that life yet.

So, we went to the temple to help us decide. At the end, we joined each other in a room. As we met on a couch, we just looked at each other. I started crying. (I’m tearing up again just writing it…) We both knew. It was time to move.

The subway ride back to home was an emotional one. We couldn’t believe what was ahead of us and how this had just happened. TJ’s new job would start June 1, meaning we only had about five or six weeks until we were out of there.

We almost just wanted to move a week later because it was hard to draw it out and say goodbyes. But we decided to stop moping (well, try to… I definitely memorialized every last thing and cried if I thought about it too much) and use those next couple weeks to do some fun things! We did the bridge, saw some Broadway shows, ate at a few new restaurants, explored the city, and played hard with friends. Oh, and did the Fallon show which was on my all-time NYC bucket list! I waited until the last week to pack up the apartment because I just wanted to play and soak up every last minute.

But the day came. We said our tearful goodbyes, our apartment was empty, and with a final turn of the key (which TJ insisted we do together), we locked up our little home at The Roosevelt for the last time.

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You know, I always thought I would serve a mission. But I met TJ and got married before that could happen. I didn’t understand why my patriarchal blessing pretty much said YOU WILL GO ON A MISSION IN YOUR YOUTH when I didn’t get to go as planned. I mean, I know those blessings have so many interpretations, but guys… it pretty much lays it right out for me! I told myself I’d be an example to people throughout my life instead, and my blessing probably does mean that too. But when we were moving, I realized we were in Jersey for exactly two years, which is how long a traditional mission is (for a male… but that’s a technicality). We served with the missionaries, had new members and investigators in our home countless times, served in our ward to the primary and young adults, met so many people in our community, and shared pass along cards at Christmas. I may not have served a traditional LDS mission when I was 19 years old. But I will forever look back at my time in Jersey as my best two years, fulfilling some of the promises in my blessing.

We will love you forever, NYC/Jersey! You were so good to us.

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Mamma Mia!

On Thursday the 21st, three friends and I got tickets to see Mamma Mia! We went to the theater around 9 am to get in line for Rush tickets-where they give away tickets at $30 a ticket. It was so easy-I wish I would have done that with all the other shows before we left, plus we got to eat donuts from Dough while we were waiting. For the show, we were in the third row and all clumped together. The show was really entertaining, obviously not my favorite Broadway but still so fun and a great last girls’ night in the city!

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End of May Wrap-up

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Snuggles with my Evabug!

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Some of my family came into town for a couple of days! It was so fun to spend time with them and show them around the city a bit.
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This was our last time downtown… my favorite part of the city.

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We took the ferry around town a couple of times which is so much fun/easy!
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This was taken at Newport Green at our good friend’s birthday party! I think it’s so funny how the little girls are wearing the masks but the boys aren’t.

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Just eating some macaroons at the French market.

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Eva’s little buddy stopped by with gifts and a big hug to say goodbye… adorable.

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We met up with some of TJ’s friend from the BYU design program, for brunch at City Bakery. Well, wouldn’t you know it, their professor/head of the department was in the city at the same time and was eating at the same place at the same time. I still can’t wrap my head around how crazy of a coincidence that was! It was great to see him and his friends.

Celebrity Sightings

Listen, I know you can’t tell from these pictures but I just have to share because I’m a crazy person and get very star struck. I saw two celebrities walking around NYC this week, both just walked right next to me. I tried to play it cool. But looking back now, it was awesome and I so wish I would have taken REAL photos of them. Oh well. They’re in my memory!

Hannah and I saw Billy Eichner (from Parks and Rec) on Monday on our way to Fallon. He was filming his Billy on the Street show. And YES I know this photos shows absolutely nothing which makes it even funnier to me. Oh well.
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And then on Friday downtown I saw Rebel Wilson taking a walk on the river at Rockefeller Park. She walked by TWICE. She was by herself but was strutting similarly to the way she walks in Pitch Perfect. I just stared and smiled. Considered going up to her, but was way too nervous.

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The Tonight Show

Remember that one time where I actually won tickets to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? It was the same day as finding out we were having a boy. I’m not sure which was more exciting, finding out the gender of my baby or getting the tickets… haha… jk… definitely the baby…?

Well, the day finally arrived for the show and my friend Hannah came in town. I actually said to her when I got the tickets that if she could get herself to NYC the ticket was hers. Twenty minutes later she had booked a flight. I think we are a bit obsessed with our pal Jimmy. But rightfully so!

The show was kind of an all day commitment because we had to pick up the tickets, wait in some lines, wait in the studio and watch the show being filmed but I loved every minute of it!  It was so exciting to be in the studio (ON THE SECOND ROW, may I add?), watch the Roots, see Charlize, Tom, Death Cab, and of course, JIMMY! It was a fantastic day.

You can watch the clip below to see us! Start around 5:50 and we are right behind the girl who dances with Jimmy. I was shaking, my cheeks hurt from laughing so much, and my heart almost exploded as he walked towards us to pick a dancing partner! AH! It feels like a dream now haha! And don’t worry, TJ loves him just as much as me!

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The Met Museum

My good friend Hannah came to town last weekend and on Saturday, we headed up to the UES for some Shake Shack and museum wanderings! We only stayed for about an hour or two because Eva was getting sleepy, but we did get to see some amazing paintings and explore quite a bit. It is such a beautiful museum and I hope one day I can go back (without Eva) and spend a whole day there!

And yes, Mom, I know Eva desperately needs a haircut. It will be done very soon!

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Temple Night

TJ and I hadn’t been to the Manhattan Temple together before and we finally got to go a few weeks back! I am so grateful for my marriage to TJ, that he understands the importance of going to the temple, and for our church that provides a place for us to get away from the noisy world (especially in NYC) and draw closer to our Savior for a couple of hours.

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Curious about these LDS temples that keep popping up around the world? Watch these videos.

Blessings of going to the temple:

Why we build temples:

A Saturday in Chelsea

A couple of weekends ago, I was in the mood to do the high line since it was a beautiful day. We walked through Chelsea Market, enjoyed some ice-cream on the high line, took Eva to a park on the river, and visited TJ’s office for a minute. That view guys… can’t get over it.

Side note: I’m a big SVU fan. I’ve seen every episode ever made… and it’s been on for 16 years. Since moving here, we realized they’re always filming by TJ’s office since they have a studio over there. This week so many scenes were filmed right next to and around his office. It made me so mad that I didn’t know about it when they filmed it… WHY WASN’T I THERE! I want to see my bff Olivia and the rest of the gang.

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Weekday Happenings

We have had a fun couple of weeks recently. I told you, when the weather is nice… life is GREAT here. I stayed inside this past Wednesday all day packing and realized it was the first time I had done that in a long time and it felt so strange not getting out. I’m so glad Winter is behind us and it’s almost summer! I even have a little tan now!

Free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s • Family Date Nights • Birthday Party for Julian • Braided Hair • Brookfield visits… new French market! • Lunch dates with friends at Taco Truck • Carlo’s Bakery

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