Outings with Friends

One of my good friends from our time in Jersey was in town in August and we met up (kid-free) for dinner in SLC one evening. I honestly had not laughed that hard in a long time. It was fun reminiscing and hearing about everything going on back in the ol’ JC2! Move to Utah, JH!

We also went out with some friends in our ward one Saturday for a round of Top Golf. It definitely wasn’t my best game, but still a blast, nonetheless.

And here we are with all our neighborhood buddies at the farm. We didn’t even pose the kids for this photo… they just all were hanging out on the fence and I felt like they looked like the Buttercream Gang.


For my calling at church, I’m in charge of a very informal playgroup for the neighborhood. We occasionally do bigger planned activities, but most of the time, I’ll just post about meeting up at the park or splash pad. Here are pics from some of our meet ups!


BFF Reunion

My good friend Ashley who lived in Jersey at the same time as us was in Utah for her sister’s graduation, so we got to spend some time with them at the end of April! If you remember, the last time they came, they all got really sick and it was incredibly disappointing for all of us; so this trip really made up for it! Eva and Brooks were best friends immediately again and played so well together. Brooks would copy everything Eva did and she loved it. We went to the mall one evening, and those two were running ahead while we pushed our little boys in the strollers. It was major deja vu since in Jersey/NYC, we’d push our kids in the stroller together every day… but now we have two more sweet kids in the mix! Thanks for coming, friend! Come back soon (and stay forever pleeeeeez!)




JFF=Jersey Friends Forever! My good friend Ashley who lived in Jersey while we were there came to visit for a couple days. Unfortunately, it came to a terrible ending when they all got a terrrrrrible stomach flu and had to leave earlier than planned. We were both in tears because it was such an awful scenario and so sad to leave like that! But we still enjoyed having them come, stomach flu and everything! Come back soon!!!

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More Friend Reunions!

My good friend Ashley from Jersey came to town for her sister’s wedding and it was absolutely the best Monday I’ve ever had getting to hang out with her again. But actually it sucked because it was so fun to bake cookies all morning (we made them for the reception) and it feeling just like normal life back in the city, but then she left again making me so incredibly sad! Just move to Utah already, Ashley!!! I did get to visit with her again on Temple Square and watch her boys while they were in temple-I loved getting to spend time with them!! While I was in the waiting room, all of a sudden I heard my name… it was my old Young Women’s president who was in town from Idaho for her sister’s wedding! It was an amazing happenstance! I loved getting to see her and her sweet boys!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.17.56 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.17.47 PM IMG_0476


Old Friend Meetups

If you know me, you know I love a good reunion and pretty much any excuse to get together with friends! I hadn’t seen some of my old friends from college since moving back to Utah so we met up for breakfast one morning! And then another afternoon I met up at the Museum of Curiousity with a good friend from Jersey who moved out to Utah around the same time as us. I’m so grateful for lifelong friends!

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Weekday Happenings

We have had a fun couple of weeks recently. I told you, when the weather is nice… life is GREAT here. I stayed inside this past Wednesday all day packing and realized it was the first time I had done that in a long time and it felt so strange not getting out. I’m so glad Winter is behind us and it’s almost summer! I even have a little tan now!

Free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s • Family Date Nights • Birthday Party for Julian • Braided Hair • Brookfield visits… new French market! • Lunch dates with friends at Taco Truck • Carlo’s Bakery

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My good friend Camille and her family are moving away! Camille was one of my first friends out here in Jersey City and I taught her son at church for a year. She also has a daughter Eva’s age who Eva loves playing with in nursery each week. We will surely miss them but are excited for their next phase of life!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.00.32 PM


Saturday in the City

On Saturday, we woke up to lots of rain so T.J. stayed home with Eva all day long while Hannah and I explored the city. What a sweet husband!

After getting Hannah some new shoes at the mall that would work in the rain, we went to Hamilton’s Soda Fountain Shop in Greenwich Village for lunch. I’ve been wanting to go there for months but because there’s no Path subway elevator nearby, I haven’t gotten to go with Eva. It was just as I had imagined it and was so darling inside. Delicious drinks and great atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.30.37 PMNext, we took the train up to 5th Ave. Hannah had never been to Uniqlo so of course I had to bring there! I also got some sweats I’ve been eyeballing for quite some time!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.30.45 PMNext, we entered the lottery for Aladdin. We REALLY thought we were going to win, but no such luck. So disappointing. Here we are waiting for the lottery… this was a BEFORE shot, obviously. Afterwards we looked like George Michael walking to the Charlie Brown tune:


We had Pie Face for dinner then ended the night watching Guardians of the Galaxy in Times Square. I hadn’t seen the movie yet and it was still showing at the AMC there. I’m officially obsessed with the movie! I laughed SO hard throughout the entire show. So good. Hannah and I also got kind of loopy during the show from all the Diet Coke after a long day, and couldn’t stop laughing at one point… I almost had to leave the theater to get control of myself! Ha… it makes me start laughing just to think about it. Best friends are the best, amiright?

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.30.55 PMThanks so much for coming, dear Hannah! We love you so much and always have a great time with you. Eva keeps referring to the futon as your bed, so you better come back again!

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Hannah Visits Again!

My bestie from college is coming to visit me tonight and staying for a couple of days! To celebrate her arrival and to procrastinate cleaning the apartment, I’m going to bombard you with Hannah and Katie photos.

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Hannah and I met our Freshman year. We were in the same Freshman ward and I visited taught her roommate. We realized we were the only people in the dorms who watched Lost religiously, so we gathered together to watch the show each week. Since then, we have lived together twice, driven across the country together, seen many movie premieres together, and shared many memories!