Funny Finny: Age 2 to 2.5

Finn is a ham. We say it nearly every day. He loves to make us laugh and is naturally a silly kid with so much character. But the age two has also brought lots of tantrums and other difficulties. Some phases, such as hitting for no reason, thankfully have ended, so progress is definitely being made. But he is sometimes incredibly stubborn, will throw huge tantrums about something ridiculous or something I don’t even understand, and still doesn’t really understand how a bribe works.

In February, Finn learned how to climb out of his crib. It was something I had been dreading ever since Eva was a baby, however she never did it and would have been content in her crib forever. But fiesta Finn figured it out and no solution seemed to work. I lowered the mattress to the floor. He still climbed out. I turned the crib around. He still climbed out. I was really worried he would get hurt, so we decided we needed to switch the crib into the toddler bed. I was such an emotional mess because I was not ready for this monumental step. He was still napping regularly and I could just lay him down at night for bed and he’d go right to sleep. I also just didn’t like thinking about my baby not being a baby anymore. I wasn’t ready for it! But alas, it had to be done.

It was quite a ride for February/March. He had this new freedom in his room so napping was a joke. I put a lock on the outside of the door to make sure he’d at least stay in there for quiet time though. Quickly I realized, I had to childproof the entire room. I took all the toys out of the room, removed anything that could be a distraction or could be a hazard, I even had to put a lock on the closet. Thankfully that helped but he still would occasionally just take off all of his clothes for no reason, which as you can imagine, sometimes turned into a complete nightmare. For whatever reason, he really only did all of this at nap times, for bed time he really was doing great in his toddler bed, so I figured out-if I wanted him to nap, I’d lay next to him for a few minutes and then he’d fall asleep. By April, he was over making the huge mess, and if he was really ready for a nap, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. So, we did it! We made it through that difficult (although sometimes hilarious because I never knew what I’d walk into when I went into his room) time!!! Hurray, me!

Other than the crib issue and the meltdowns that are normal for the terrible twos, we are still so obsessed with this kid. He loves to wear hats. He has a few buddies he loves so much, like Lincoln. He has a few stuffed animals that, at times, he wants to bring around with him everywhere. He has the funniest dance moves, mostly where he slaps his behind. Finn loves his sister so much, and if he wakes up before her, he is so worried where Eva is and really wants to wake her up. He still cuddles and will put his head on me when he’s tired, I love it so much. He finds the words “toot” and “poop” hilarious and sometimes replaces song lyrics with those words… oh boy. He can be tricked into napping if you tell him it’s not nap time, that it’s bed time. Everyday he tells me that it is his birthday. He would take a bath three times a day if I let him. He likes to be naked and is so proud of himself when he gets undressed by himself. He enjoys the pool, can swim with his puddle jumper now in the “blue water” aka the deep part of the pool. Every time his face goes under water, he screams, “YUCK!” He has the deepest voice. His favorite animal at the zoo is a cow. And last but not least, he’s convinced that his name is Finny, definitely NOT Finn.


Finn really wanted to wear these Crocs, but they didn’t fit in his in-step because his feet were too chubby. So, I cut the top part off and he loves them but they look so ridiculous.

“Look, I’m Katie!”

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