Odds and Ends

Finn was very concerned that the cow at Chick-Fil-A was going to get him.

Another Jazz Game… more Ruby Snap cookies.

More HIGH Fitness classes

I didn’t fight the fight that day for Eva’s outfit at church.

We went out with friends after the Adult Session of Conference. Such a fun evening, and the conference was great. The best lesson I got out of it was… We are doing better than we think we are doing!

Eva pointed to the wreaths and said, “Donuts!”

These cuties sat down for a rest at IKEA.

Eva had a workshop one Saturday for her acting/singing class. 

I chopped my hair again!

A big boy in a little bucket.

Girls Night Out… these are my Bachelor (TV show) friends! Can’t wait for next season!

The PRETTIEST view up in the canyon. Yeah, Utah is pretty awful.

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