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We’re number one!

Guess what! I am the most pregnant woman at my doctor’s practice! By a long shot, too… Everyone due last week have had their babies and everyone due THIS week have already had their babies too. Except for me. It turns out my baby just is really competitive and is already the best at something even though she’s still in the womb! How many babies (well, their moms) get to say that?

The doctor says that there still is no progress at all down in the ol’ baby region, but all the tests went well today, so I get to spend another couple days at home with a full night’s sleep. I thought they were going to induce me on Thursday, but turns out they start the process on Wednesday afternoon… 3 PM to be exact. More deets to come. Stay tuned!

Until then, you better believe I’m going to try to sleep a lot and “treat myself.”


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