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Tomorrow… Tomorrow…

Tomorrow I have my last doctor’s appointment before the baby’s arrival. Crazy! I recently read through all of my “Baby Mama” posts and it has been wonderful to remember my whole pregnant experience. In some ways it went SO fast, especially from weeks 30-40. But in other ways, it feels like I have been pregnant FOR-EV-ER! I found out on March 28th and I remember that December 1st seemed so far away… but we’re here now, actually… there we were…!

So, people have been asking what the baby situation is currently. Here are the “tails” (as Tom from Parks and Rec says). Tomorrow at my doctor’s appointment, he’ll check me again to see if I’m effaced or dilated. I wasn’t at all last week, but I’ve been having some mild contractions and a bit of nausea so I’m hoping that means there has been some progress. After my doctor’s appointment, I head over to the hospital to do another Non-Stress Test, like I did on Thursday, just to monitor the baby’s heartbeat. If the heartbeat passes the test, then I’ll wait until Thursday to be induced (and likely deliver the baby on Friday). If the heartbeat does not pass the test, then I will be induced tomorrow. But, I’m like 95% positive it will be Thursday (and I’m praying for T.J.’s sake since it’s the last week of class, it will be Thursday).

Other than that, all is well. I’m feeling good, had a great day at church and loved watching the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional. I’ve been very bummed that I’m missing the Ward’s Christmas party this Friday, but President Uchtdorf’s talk reminded me that the focus of Christmas should not be on all the parties and presents and marketing. It’s should be on Christ. I’m grateful for that reminder and for the amazing Christmas spirit that we can feel in our lives if we just open our hearts, serve others, and remember our Savior who lived and died that we might return back to our Father in Heaven. That’s what Christmas is all about.

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