Arches National Park

I’ve had a hankering to hike recently. Mostly a hankering to just get out and be in SUN. I noticed that Moab was supposed to be in the 70s last weekend so I convinced TJ into doing a day trip!

It was an absolute gorgeous day, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We left around 8 am, got there at 11:30, ate lunch in Moab then we were in the park by 12:30. We just did all the little “hikes” since TJ and I had done the bigger ones before and Finn’s pretty heavy to carry on longer ones. Finn fell asleep in the car in between arches so for two of them, I just took Eva up while TJ sat in the car with Finny. We finished the night visiting TJ’s grandma which was a great evening and made it so the kids slept the whole way home. If you’re in Utah county with kids, I totally recommend doing this as a day trip. You could spend the night if you wanted so you could do a longer hike in addition to the others, but we thought it was perfect.

Going to see the “ish”

Finn loves watching the moving Finding Dory (so does Eva, but Finn zones out when it’s on). He typically doesn’t care about the TV, but if the “ish” are on, he has to watch. So, when TJ went out of town at the end of February, I took them to the aquarium with TJ’s parents. It was such a great morning! I forgot how nice that aquarium is. I almost bought a pass, and still am debating if we should have or not. It really was a fun time!

Wrapping Up Winter

Here are some more random photos from January and February that didn’t really fit in their own posts:

Another mall play place! Later this year the mall in Sandy will have a new play area… can’t wait!

They did this all on their own and it was the cutest thing ever.

I let him hold this pig at IKEA and he just kept cuddling it and saying, “Awwwwwww.”

She put on my glasses, made this pose and said, “I’m just relaxing.”

Finny babe is my date to the library while Eva is at dance. I think it’s his favorite place.

“Mom, don’t I look cute looking out the window and thinking?”

Cabella’s is our favorite spot to just get out for an hour before dinner. Finn loves looking at the “ish.”

I make them do laps.

Lunch dates each Thursday with Daddy.

Another Haircut

Finny got another haircut and it looked so cute! His hair just grows straight out, so the trick is to keep it short, I’ve finally realized. The bottom (before) picture makes me laugh so hard!

A Pinterest Party

I have a pretty fun calling right now at church. I’m on the Relief Society (the organization for the women) activities committee. We threw a little party last month where people brought treats from Pinterest ideas and made two different (very easy) crafts. We had a pretty good turnout and I think the gym looked nice so I decided to share!