New Year, New 21 Day Fix Group

I didn’t really run a group in December for 21 Day Fix because we didn’t have any newcomers and the holidays were busy, but we are back at it starting the 9th and I couldn’t be more excited for what the next round will bring! Personally, I’ll be doing 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts and sticking to a very strict meal plan, I’ve already started planning out my meals so I can see the greatest results! After all, abs are made in the kitchen. I realized I’ve been doing this for nearly 9 months and it’s exciting to see how far I’ve come, yet realize physical health is an ongoing and ever continuing process. Last year my goal was to lose 25 pounds, I lost about 33 (well 35, but Christmas goodies caught up to me!), and so this year I want to lose 10 pounds but really focus on toning my body. I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself “toned.” So, it’s a new goal for me completely! But I know 21 Day Fix can get me there! Message me for details, it really is more fun to do the accountability group with friends!

Here’s my very first video I made about my 21 Day Fix journey.

He Was Here


Merry Christmas! We didn’t send out many Christmas cards this year because we tried to scale back and simplify a bit, so I wanted to let you all know here how much we love and appreciate you. I also want to express my gratitude for our Savior, who humbly came into this world as a baby in a stable. This season, that simple truth made an impact on me.

Why would a God from Heaven
Come to the world this way?
Why in a lowly stable
Would the Messiah lay?
I shook my head and asked them
To tell the story one more time

Yes I did believe them
Though I’d not seen a thing
I did not go to Bethlehem
Or hear the angels sing
But there was something magic
In the air
That made me feel as if
I had been there

Do you think you’ll join us
Though you’ve not seen a thing?
You were not there in Bethlehem
To hear the angels sing
But if you feel the spirit
In the air
Then just like me you’d know

That He was here
He was here

It’s easy to doubt in our world. It’s easy to not believe. But this story of our Savior, I know it is true. I feel it in my heart. I feel it when my daughter recites her small version of the nativity with me. It is simple but it is oh so true. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and a great 2017!


Santa Flashback

Two flashback posts in one day? #sorrynotsorry


Santa at church (Finn is 1 and Eva is 5)


Santa at church with two kids (Finn is a newborn and Eva’s 4)


Santa at the Plaza Hotel (Eva’s 3)


Santa at Macy’s Santaland in NYC (Eva’s 2)


Santa in Cincinnati with cousins (Eva’s 1)


Christmas Flashback

You know how I love a good flashback post! Here are videos and photos from Christmas past!


Living in Lehi. Christmas in Utah. Eva’s 4 and Finn is a newborn.



Living in Jersey. Christmas in Kentucky. Eva’s 3.



Living in Jersey. Christmas in Utah. Eva’s 2.


Living in Provo. Christmas in Kentucky. Eva’s 1.


Living in Provo. Christmas in Utah. Eva’s a newborn.


Living in Provo. Christmas in Kentucky. First married Christmas.


Living in Provo. Christmas in Kentucky. Almost engaged to TJ (he came out to KY for Christmas then proposed in Jan).


Living in Provo. Christmas in Kentucky. About to meet TJ in January.

It’s so fun to see how it’s all changed. Bittersweet.


We have really had such great couple of weeks. They’ve been simple, but filled with fun and our little family. Here is everything else we’ve been up to!

Eva had her dance recital. Look at that cutie!

We had neighbors over and made homemade Christmas pizzas!

We drove around several nights to different neighborhoods to find the best lights!

Lots of trips to the library, Finn’s favorite place. He loves returning our books (and trying to return all the other books at the library) into the dropbox.

One day it was in the high 40s, so we visited the farm again. That place never gets old!

Christmas shopping at the outlets with these cuties!

Church with this boy is a CIRCUS!