Finny Babe: 10 Months

At ten months, Finn changed his look from a baby to a big boy. I think part of it was his hair. His hair lightened up a lot from being outside so much and just grew like crazy. He has had two haircuts in the past three months and already needs another.

Finn started pushing his walker toy around like crazy at the end of July and walk walking around the furniture, then he took a couple steps here and there, but didn’t officially start walking until about a week before he turned 11 months.

He started slowing down in eating around ten months. Suddenly he was a little pickier about what I was feeding him, which was so strange. But on the upside, he got really good at ten months at using finger foods.

Not much else happened, but he still was the sweetest and most easygoing baby ever! He smiles at EVERYONE. Says Dada all the time and occasionally will say mama. Time is flying by!

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End of Summer Bucket List: Update

In August, I wrote down what I wanted to do for the last two weeks.

Go to our pool at least six more times. Two times a week. Did it… in fact, we went nine times. 
Hike Timp. Okay, this can be done in September if needs be. Plans are in the works for this.
Two more hikes with Eva. Did one hike and one nature walk. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.
Three more splash pads, including the one in Sandy (one a week). We went to five splash pads!
Seven Peaks two more times. Didn’t do this. I just didn’t have motivation to go since we have a pool on our street.
Outdoor movie (Rock Canyon) on the 29th. Nope. Didn’t get to go because of the one car issue.
One more concert in the Park (Wines Park) on the 21st. A last minute family birthday gathering happened on this date instead.
Utah State Fair (this is actually in September but I don’t want to forget!) Hasn’t happened yet.
Swim in a lake (this Saturday?) Eva did this.
Tube Provo river on the 19th or 26th (want to join??) Couldn’t find a babysitter 🙁
Dinner and play in the streams up at South Fork Park (sometime next week) Kind of did this twice.
Trip to Arizona (Labor Day Weekend) Done.

We didn’t do it all, but we certainly did a lot for two weeks!

Arizona Trip

TJ’s old college roommate and buddy from high school who lives in Arizona had an extra ticket to the BYU game and offered it to TJ. Since I have a brother down there too, I decided we would tag along. The drive down there seemed very long, the kids were fine, but it’s just like 11 hours going through St. George and Vegas. But we got there Friday afternoon and had dinner with our friends. It was great catching up and meeting their newest member of their family who was born a couple weeks ago. On Saturday we ate at this amazing taco place. If you know me, you know how much I love Mexican food. Oh man. So great. Afterwards, TJ went to Top Golf with Ryan and I took the kids to my brother’s house for the rest of the weekend where we swam, played at the park, checked out his new dental practice, and got to eat at Shake Shack (our favorite burger place from NYC). It was a really nice, relaxing weekend. And the Cougars won! So… win, win… win. We headed home on Monday and went a different way than we had been before. It was gorgeous through the mountains!

Wrapping Up August

Can you believe we are already a week into September? Slow the heck down, life! It will be Christmas before you know it.

We all went to the dentist and I, unfortunately, had to get my teeth worked on. But they had a TV (with The Office) on the ceiling so that wasn’t too terrible.


We went to the pool almost every day. img_0007-4

One day, Finn was giving me kisses which I clearly was obsessed with and so Eva started giving me endless kisses too.img_0006-4

We went to the farm twice. Once by ourselves and once with cousins. Finn loved getting out and walking around. He almost fed his fingers to the ponies.img_0005-4




August, you were good to us but too short.

Last Weekend of August

We had a lot of fun the last weekend of August. We met TJ’s brother’s family up at Vivian Park for dinner and the girls loved exploring together. Then Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival at Thanksgiving Point. There were tons of booths, activities, concerts, shows, etc. We will definitely do it again!

Also, on Saturday there was a father in our neighborhood who had been deployed and came home that morning. The neighborhood lined the streets with signs, balloons, and yellow ribbons as he headed home to see his children. It was such a tender moment seeing him great his kids and to shake his hand. I was able to teach Eva about soldiers and how we should always treat them with love and respect because we owe so much to them.

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