Christmas Shenanigans

Life is BUSY! When I do have free time, I don’t want to get on my computer, but it’s now JUNE and I still haven’t posted about Christmas yet! So I’m going to do my best and remember the details from the past few months since I use this blog as my journal!

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday which I really liked because we got to kick of Christmas with a beautiful Christmas program at church and all dressed up in our Christmas clothes. Finn was so excited for pictures as you can tell.

After Church, we headed over to my in-laws house for the rest of the day. They had lots of cute activities for the kids like making ornaments, playing bingo, and acting out the nativity. We all changed into our Christmas jammies and then headed home so Santa could come!

This was the first year I had EVERYTHING ready for Christmas, so all I had to do on Christmas Eve was bring the gifts and stockings out of their hiding places. It was so nice not having to wrap anything that night like usual and to just put on a Christmas movie with TJ.

The kids actually slept in pretty well and wouldn’t you know it, we woke up to a white Christmas again!

We did a really simple Christmas. Santa just brought two gifts for the kids and we gave them one from us. Even the stockings were filled with useful things, not just junk. It was probably our best Christmas yet and the easiest to clean up afterwards. We always say we want to do it this way, but it usually just gets out of control. I felt so proud sticking to the three gift limit for the kids and realized they still were thrilled and thankful for all that they got! Eva finally got a mermaid tale (from Santa) and she is obsessed with it at the pool this summer! Christmas Day, we headed back to Mark and Kelly’s for lunch. We exchanged gifts and the kids enjoyed playing with their new presents from the cousins and grandparents.

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