The Man Who Created the Man Who Your Man Could Smell Like

Today Jason Bagley from W+K Advertising Agency spoke to us advertising majors. Jason created this:


And this:


So needless-to-say, it was an incredible lecture! It was inspiring to listen to Jason’s story, starting as an undergraduate at BYU in our Advertising program. He told us that we need to create honest and transparent advertising. That doesn’t mean it can’t be creative, the ads can even be in the most ridiculous manner. Just do something people will love.

I am so happy I got the opportunity to listen to Jason today. I really love my major, but sometimes I feel like I’m a bit over my head. I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my degree and I’m surrounded by these amazingly talented people who have a direction and a plan. But today, listening to him, it gave me a little more faith in myself, as well as helped push me into this semester with some enthusiasm and excitement.

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