Funny Diva Eva

  • Eva has been putting up a fight whenever we try to give her baby food. I’ve had more success with the pouches of baby food but she wouldn’t even take that. Then, we just gave her the pouch and she sucked every last drop out of it. Suddenly, she liked eating again. 
  • We will give Eva a little snack. She’ll put it in her mouth and then spit it out. Now if there’s a leaf on the ground, she will gladly try to eat that as fast as possible.
  • If you stick out your tongue, Eva will stick hers back out at you.
  • When music comes on, sometimes she will bob her head and bounce. Isn’t it cool that babies just know how to dance when music comes on?
  • Eva knows what a phone is. She’ll put my iPhone up to her ear and start babbling. Similarly, she knows what jewelry is for too. She loves putting on necklaces and wearing them around.
  • If Eva is in the mood, she will give you big, mouth-wide-open, slobbery kisses on the cheek/mouth.

This age is the best! 

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