I’m just going through my iPhone photo album.

A couple weeks ago, the BYU library was shooting a zombie commercial and I got to help out with it. I had hoped that I would actually be a casted as a zombie, but they asked me to help with feeding the cast. I guess I’m just not zombie material. They probably know how well I’d survive a zombie attack and thought I wouldn’t fit in.

The shoot was really entertaining to watch, kind of ridiculous to see more than a hundred people on a parking lot on campus dressed as zombies, something I’ll probably never see again. One of the main zombies was a little girl, about 8 years old. She kept getting in a van to cool down and would stare out the window. Every once in a while, I’d meet eyes with her and feel like I was in a horror movie.


Blog Lovin’

My affinity for blogging has grown to the point where I am now creating blogsites for businesses and friends, with my Dad’s business, RM1.net. It’s great because I’ll be able to continue doing this at home with the baby.

Here are two I am currently working on. They still aren’t completely finished, but they’re coming along and they look so much better than the originals. What do you think?

Farley Family Orthodontics

Before v. After

Abby Alger Photography

Before v. After

I seriously love doing this! If you’re interested in taking your blog or website to the next level or are just starting a business and need a brand new site, let me know and we will work something out!


A lot has been going on in my life. It’s kind of overwhelming. But a good overwhelming. School is ending and the job search has been wearisome, but it finally has ended.

I got a job.

Yes, you’re looking at (or reading about…) the next Career Woman! I am a sales rep and marketer for Winder Farms. More on the sales, less on the marketing, but nonetheless, I am SUPER excited.

Granted, I wasn’t always planning on going into sales, seeing that my major is Advertising. But I really believe it will give me great experience and help build my communication skills. Ooh, and the best part is, I’m already using my advertising knowledge to think of creative and innovative ways to sell so my time is effective and efficient!

More on the actual job later, I just wanted to let you know the exciting news! Thanks for your prayers and thoughts during my job search! This job is a blessing to our family!

P.S. On my home from training yesterday, the sky was very cloudy, but at one point the sun was shining through a section and lightened up a part of the mountains. It was beautiful. I got a little bit emotional, because it reminded me of how blessed I am and how this job was my “silver lining.”

So, the moral of the story is, that every cloud has a silver lining. Have faith.

Comin’ Out of the Closet

Remember that cute dress I got at the Limited back in Cincinnati, on sale? I haven’t worn it that much because I’m worried people will judge me at church (I guess all I have to tell those judgers is that YOU told me putting leggings under the dress was fine). Well, today I finally got to pull it out for my interview.

I hope I get to pull it out for that reason a lot more…


Worried about my future,


Safety First

Yesterday I sat down and reached over to put on my seat belt.

But I wasn’t in a car.

I was at my desk at work.


I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but I still want to blog about it.

I work at the Harold B. Lee Library.  I’ve worked here for about 2 and a half years, which, in this time, has created my undying love for the HBLL and the LAO.

Well, I’m sure you’ve already seen this YouTube video because everyone and their dog has posted it on their Facebook profile about ten times.  But, I have to post it on here too because of my love for the library.


It was not created by my department, but done by the media productions lab on the 6th floor of the library (yes, there’s a 6th floor of the library) with the help of a HumorU student.  I wish I could take credit for it, but at least my claim to fame is that I work at the HBLL here at BYU!

New Job: Typer? Typist? Typing Woman?


I was just asked if I would be interested in listening to a WW2 Veteran tell stories about his life and the war, then typing everything up for him and his wife.  He is 98 years old and my first assignment is to have him fill in the gaps of a WW2 Headquarters video.

How amazing is this going to be?  I immediately jumped at the opportunity and said yes. It’ll just be a few hours a week, with a pretty reasonable pay.

I am so excited to hear his stories and to be able to interview him!  More about this later.

Party in the L-A-O!

So I put my hands up, They’re playing my song,
And the Butterflys fly away,
Noddin’ my head like yeah! Movin’ my hips like yeah!
And I got my hands up, They’re playing my song,
I know I’m gonna be okay!

Yeah! Party in the L-A-O!

Yeah! Party in the L-A-O!!!


Kadanalana Ding Dong

Dear Danica Budge,

YOU are leaving for Wales on Friday for the rest of the summer (in case it hasn’t hit you yet).  The office, and life in general, just won’t be the same without you.  No more updates, no more Cocoa Bean Runs, no more drive-bys, no more Wendy’s, no more accidents in the office, no more advice to Christopher on dating, no more TV gossip.  No more Danica.  Until FALL!

Although you’re just leaving for a month and a half, it kind of feels like you’re dying, or at least, quitting your job.  So to mourn your loss, I have created a poem just for you!

D is for Daring.

This is because you walk on the edge, dance in the streets, and take those little dares that make your life just a little more fun and filled with gossip.

A is for Audacious.

This is because you’re spunky.  No one can deny that you’ve got that extra little attitude, making you who you are and why you probably could have been named “Jordan” or “Taylor”.

N is for Noteworthy.

This is because you always make an impression.  That’s why the employees at the Cocoa Bean remember your name (and not mine), that’s why people in the office are always saying, “Hey did you hear about Danica?” and that’s why you have a billion people who love you b/c you’re just that awesome.

I is for Interactional.

This is because you’re social and social doesn’t start with an S.  You are the life of the party, but know when to lie low when the time is right.

C is for Classy.

This is because you love Gossip Girl.  Almost as much as me.

A is for Alluder

Although alluder is not a word, it should be.  This is because you are constantly referencing quotes and stories from TV shows and movies.  What would we do if we didn’t have those quotes to describe other stories and things going on in our life?  It just wouldn’t be the same.

Okay, so this turned out to be wayyyyyy more sentimental, but since I heard you cried in Dear John, I thought I could try to make you cry.  I doubt it worked, but the point IS: WE WILL MISS YOU!  But you’ll be back soon and maybe we can even go on a road trip together again!




Piano Lee Derrick

Today at work, we came across a thesis written by a man named Xylophone.


So I clearly had to give myself an instrument name.  I chose piano.  And for my coworkers, here are yours.

Eliesa: Harp

Danica: Drums

Hayley: Clarinet

Tiffany: Piccolo

Christopher: Oboe

With love,