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Our Weekend

We actually had quite a fun weekend and made the most of our time. On Friday, I met T.J. at Bryant Park and we split a Chipotle burrito. It was such a nice night out, so we just enjoyed the weather, and ran around the park with Eva. We even took her on the carousel-which she loved so much, she cried when it was over. To end the night, since we were close, we just walked through Times Square and got an ice-cream from Mr. Softee. It was crazy busy, but Eva loved the lights and all the creepy characters. One Spiderman TOUCHED HER FACE. I freaked out and about slapped his hand away. Those guys aren’t like the characters at Disneyland.

On Saturday, we went to our church’s BBQ at the Liberty State Park here in Jersey City. It was right on the river across from the Statue of Liberty. The views were incredible (I’ve never been that close to the statue) and we made some new friends.

Sunday, we went to church and then had a few friends of mine from my hometown over for dinner. I hadn’t seen two of them since graduation, so it was so fun catching up and seeing what they’ve been up to. We ended the weekend (and started the week) by watching Shark Week to the wee hours of the night!

Great Weekend in our book! This upcoming weekend will be just as good because Hannah is coming to visit me! #btoml am I right?

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… marked 2 months of living in the NYC area. It’s no secret that it’s been a hard move for me. But I can honestly say that things are finally falling into place and we are starting to really love our new home. What a difference a couple months can make.


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Gotta get down on Friday!

What a good week! Last week I was in a slump after my parents left, so I was determined to make this one much better! Every day we’ve done something fun and gotten out of the house. It’s made all the difference.


T.J. and I walked on the river path for a while. It was such a pleasant night and fun to see all the families out together.

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I was going to head in the city, but as soon as I walked outside, the intense heat got to me, so Eva and I just walked around the mall and hit the sale section at H&M. It literally takes me 3 minutes to walk to H&M. Once I travelled to Vegas to get to H&M! For FHE, T.J. and packed up dinner and had a picnic in Hoboken and then explored.

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On Tuesday, I tried to meet up with a friend near the WTC for a play date but I was crazy late (I’m blaming it on the train schedule, ok!) and so it didn’t work out. But Eva and I still had fun on a date together. We played at a splash park and had lunch right on the river-on the other side of the Hudson than usual.


My new friend from the ward, who moved in the same time as we did, met me at Roosevelt Park which is just a couple blocks away. We watched Eva play in the splash park, looked through the farmer’s market (it was quite lame) but we enjoyed homemade lemonade and a hamburger.

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I joined several other families in our ward and went swimming. That was probably the highlight of the week. It was almost 100 degrees yesterday, so the pool felt amazing. I also made no bake cookies and had to hide them so I wouldn’t eat all of them in one sitting.

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Our plans for today? Probably another splash pad because of this intense heat!

How was your week?



Newport Green

I think I’ve told you all about this place before, but here are some more pictures from this week at the Newport Green-the beach and park near our apartment. My only wish is that the water at the splash pad (not shown) wasn’t freezing.