You know you're po' when…

Meet Blair.

We’ve been the best of friends for years.  Probably since 4th grade.  We’ve got countless inside jokes, but the most classic and ongoing of these jokes has to be our “You know you’re po’ when…” set of jokes.

It all started because, well… Blair and I were poor.


But poor.

One Christmas, Blair was allowed to buy pump hand soap at the grocery store, instead of the normal bar soap.

And there we have the first “You know you’re po’ when…” joke.

You know you’re po’ when you get pump soap for Christmas.

Here are a few more than erupted throughout the years, all based off of personal experiences.

  • You know you’re po’ when the most common number on your FAFSA is 0.
  • You know your [parents are] po’ when you’re adjusted gross income is higher than your theirs.
  • You know you’re po’ when you have Roseart crayons and markers.
  • You know you’re po’ when getting a lunchable is the greatest day of your life.

And there you have it, folks.  If you have any more, let me know!

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