You know you’re emotional when…

And by emotional, I mean PMSing but I thought that was inappropriate to put in my post title…

  • You cry seeing people in army uniforms running through Provo training. They’re awesome.
  • You get ridiculously outraged that a stupid sign on the side of the road ruins the ending of The Bachelor for you.
  • You cry during The Walking Dead… to be fair, it was a VERY emotional episode.
  • Just one little mess-up at work brings you to tears.
  • You want to eat all the chocolate chips in the house. Who cares if they’re the gross semi-sweet kind? I don’t.
  • You just want to sleep. And when you wake up, you want to sleep some more.
  • The baby blessing you went to made you tear up.

Sometimes it’s hard being a woman! Let’s skip ahead a couple of days so this madness is over!


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