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Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me

… I cannot believe it’s March. MARCH! I swear T.J. and I were just shopping last week on Black Friday. But no, that was over three months ago! And March is my birthday month, which I also swear I just had my Justin Bieber surprise birthday party last month. But THAT was almost one WHOLE year ago. Where does time go?! SLOW DOWN!

Well, as usual, here is a list of random stuff going on in my head/life:

  1. I need to get in shape. And lose weight. At this rate, I’m going to have to wear a baggy wetsuit to Seven Peaks this summer. I’m considering logging everything I do/eat like I did last time I wanted (and was successful) to lose weight. Hmmmm…
  2. T.J. got two interviews for (paying!) internships in NYC this summer. Please pray that things work out! It also would be wonderful if he got the one at Johnson & Johnson because it would mean I’d be able to stay out there longer!
  3. This week had its ups and downs being alone with Eva, but I think I’ve finally gotten into a routine without T.J. which gives me hope that this summer I’ll be able to do it. The best days were when T.J. and I would say a prayer and read the scriptures together over the phone. Thanks for the suggestion, Mark and Kelly (T.J.’s parents).
  4. I have the greatest friends and family. I had so many friends text me, ask me to go out with them, and visit this week while T.J. was gone. And T.J.’s family checked up on me and had me over to give me a little break with Eva. My family back at home called often, as well, just to make sure I was doing okay! Thanks everyone! I made it!
  5. In less than three weeks, I’ll be home! I cannot wait to visit and have all of my siblings and nieces meet little Eva!
  6. T.J. comes home in just a couple of hours. I’ve got butterflies!!!
  7. I went to this little French Bakery (See number 1) on State Street last Saturday and I cannot stop thinking about it. Everything was delicious and it was so fun to try new food!
  8. I finally gave the TV show The Big Bang Theory a chance and it turns out that I actually really like it.
  9. I haven’t been to the movies for three months. Depressing.
  10. My friends shared this video on YouTube. I’m obsessed with it. And her. It’s hilarious.
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