Although we stayed in tonight for Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean we didn’t make the day count.

First off, our tax return came in meaning we could actually get gifts for each other! I got T.J. a graphic design book he’s been wanting and I made a deal with T.J. that benefited both of us. If I could get this gel nail kit that I’ve been dying to own, he didn’t have to get me flowers and a trip to the nail salon (as previously wished for). He was 100% down for the deal because it meant he could cross one more thing off his very long to-do list. I haven’t gotten to use it yet because I’ve been quite busy with work, but you better bet your bottom dollar I’ll be using it first thing this weekend.

Then this morning I snuck a bag of valentine candy into T.J.’s book bag today. I felt so sly! And to my complete surprise, T.J. had a beautiful rose for me when I picked him up at work. What a cutie!

For lunch, I met up with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew for lunch. It was the first time Eva got out of the house all week (excluding doctor appointments) and the first time I put on real pants (I’ve been living in leggings all week). It was such a fun girls’ afternoon out!

I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to throw my Galentine’s Party/Bachelor-Watching Valentine’s party this week since we’ve been sick. But this afternoon I decided I’d still make a little party spread and make my favorite V-day treats for T.J. and me. Strawberry chocolate chip cookies and chocolate covered strawberries. Bliss. We then dropped off plates to our elderly neighbors next door. That officially got me out of my no-party slump.

And finally, just when I was about dead from taking care of Eva all day, Parks & Rec and The Office were on and were 100% wonderful. Oh my gosh. So hilarious. It was the best V-day gift ever. What a great day.

On another note, I read this tragic blog post about a girl who lost her husband on Valentine’s Day last year in an awful accident. It really broke my heart hearing her story but it helped me to count all my blessings today. I love my husband and my daughter more than I can describe! I love my family, my in-laws, and all of our great friends. At the risk of sounding identical to the Seriously, So Blessed blog, I just want to say that I truly am grateful for all of you in my life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Katie Lee


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  1. Camille
    Camille says:

    I read that story too… so sad!! Made me feel like a wimp for crying because my husband works so late these days. At least I have one!

    And poor Eva. Hope she is on the up and up!


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