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Wrapping up the Holidays

Now that I’ve finished all of the holiday posts, here are a couple more Instagram photos to wrap it up and move into the New Year!

Photo Jan 03, 7 13 23 PM

We thought Eva would like a little ride on the luggage. She wasn’t too thrilled about the experience.

Photo Dec 27, 9 59 02 PM

We went to this Elf Village on the Levee in Newport. My mom used to take my older siblings to see the Elf Village when it was downtown Cincinnati like 25 years ago, so it was cool that they set it up again for the public.

Photo Dec 27, 9 57 59 PM

We also saw a lego display that was really big and intense! There was a lego Santa, of course.

Photo Jan 03, 7 15 10 PM

This is the cool walkway in the Chicago airport. This is the only good thing about that place.

Photo Jan 03, 7 12 24 PM

When we scold Eva, she makes this face. Ha!

Photo Jan 02, 1 33 27 PM

Eva became quite the recorder musician as the vacation went on. I think we’ve got to get her a harmonica. And me some earplugs.Photo Dec 30, 5 49 48 PM

She pulled out all the clothes and sat in the trunk.

Photo Dec 28, 5 36 48 PM

We love our festive and warm socks!

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