Wrapping up September


One Sunday, we went to TJ’s office in Lehi so I could see the new floor graphics he designed. Long story short, we locked our keys, ID card (which opens up the door) and phones in the cafeteria there. We could have walked home, but we were both just so annoyed at the situation and kept hoping someone would show up. After we said a prayer, a security guard showed up outside and we were able to get our stuff back! Such a funny situation.


Another trip to the farm and this time they had a couple special things going on!img_0024 img_0023

A balloon animal horse at the farm.img_0022-2

This huge BYU flag was hung on the side of the highway by our house on the day of the Utah game. It was amazing. It would have been cooler if we won the game though lol.img_0011-7

We have loved our Pass of All Passes this year… the Lehi Fun Center, although it’s pretty rundown, is so close and so fun for the kids!img_0059

We just picked up and took home this homeless boy at Walmart hahaha! I know he looks like a little orphan boy in this photo but he was so cute in there! And don’t mind all that junk food guys, we were about to leave for our road trip, okay? img_0058

Uhm… hello, adorable boy!

Huge pumpkins at the fall festival at Thanksgiving Point!img_0050 img_0049

Just relaxing!img_0048

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