The worst thing about prison? Dementors!

I’m currently taking a night off of homework and projects and have spent the evening with TV. Thursday nights are the best.

First we’ve got The Office, then Parks and Recreation, then 30 Rock, then Outsourced, then Police Women of Cincinnati, and then…

Babies Behind Bars.

Before we get to the synopsis and review of that show, we need to back up before my mom calls me immediately (because she reads my blog all day long? I wish…) and asks me why the heck I am watching hours of TV, especially when I just complained of being a “hot mess.”

Mom, and to everyone else out there who is thinking, “I haven’t watched that much TV for years, if ever…” Well then you need to find out what you’re missing because Thursday night TV is the best. And it’s good to take a break from your studying, that’s what Eric Matthews and Mr. Feeny said on Boy Meets World a few weeks ago. Oh, and I multitask. I made dinner, ate dinner, took a little nap, thought about starting “Insanity”, decided against it, and blogged.

Back to Babies Behind Bars. It’s exactly what it says. Not teenagers who are acting like babies. It’s babies who are actually living in behind bars because their moms get to keep their newborns while they are in prison. Only about ten women at this individual prison get to do this because it takes a lot of room and they are still testing it all out to see how it affects the mothers, the babies now and later, and the rest of the women in the prison.

It’s quite touching, actually. Not as touching as the men in high security prisons who get to have kittens, but rounding out to a close second.

P.S. TLC sure makes great/ridiculous documentaries. You’ve got to check some of them out. From Toddlers In Tiaras to My Strange Addiction, I’m always captivated. Hannah Judd once said (tonight when I asked her on gchat for a quote),

The episode I saw [on My Strange Addiction] was when a women couldn’t sleep without her blowdryer. Or how some black girl couldnt stop eating toilet paper. I am not kidding when I say I nearly vomited watching her eat that stuff. But I could.not.would.not stop watching. I had to see how it ended. How could she possibly stop now? [How could any of us possible stop watching now?] I had to know how the therapist reacted. to understand such a nasty thing like eating toilet paper.

It sucked me right in.

It sucked us all in, Hannah. And that folks, is how you justify watching hours of TV on a Thursday night. Go turn on TLC (channel 30). You won’t regret it.


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