Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.

Continuing on…

Saturday came around and we just did Saturday-type things such as cleaning, laying around, eating a delicious breakfast at Maglebye’s, doing homework, and watching I Am Legend with T.J.’s siblings and their spouses.

This brings us to Sunday. We had a wonderful afternoon hanging out together with the windows open, sunlight pouring into the condo. We watched a few romantic movies, took a walk, made some sugar cookies (which I am kind of in love with), and home-made Valentines.

I tried to make these cute heart cakes, but I tried to experiment a bit and so I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. Turns out I should have done precisely what it told me to do, considering I had to through the entire cake away.

I also learned why I blog and don’t scrapbook when I was making Valentines. I decided not to give them away because they looked so silly.

In the middle of decorating the cookies and listening to the wonderful, new Adele CD, we had another situation occur. Just when we were having the best Sunday of our lives…

T.J. fell (I won’t tell you how so doesn’t get embarrassed) and we realized one of his stitches broke. It was disgusting. Lots of blood. That type of stuff makes me sick just to think about. It was late and he was in a lot of pain, so he decided we should head on over to the ER again just in case it did any damage or wouldn’t get infected. At least sitting in the ER for a while made me finish my homework.

So, that was our weekend.

It was a bit crazy, but hopelessly romantic at times.

Oh, and P.S. my husband surprised me on campus with a beautiful bouquet of roses, took me to the Bombay House (my favorite Indian restaurant), and had a large box of exquisite chocolate covered nuts waiting for me at home to eat when he had to go back to campus for the night. I ended my Valentine’s Day watching An Affair to Remember with the timeless actor, Cary Grant. They just don’t make actors like him anymore…

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