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Who made those great signs?

This weekend was awesome. We had a lot of stuff planned and although I wasn’t home but a couple of hours, it was worth it. On Friday, we had the Relief Society  sleepover at Erin’s parent’s cabin about 45 minutes down the Spanish Fork canyon. Erin and I went down in the afternoon to get the place ready and put the food in the crock pot so it would be ready by the time everyone showed up.

There were 12 of us, which for an activity so far away on the last weekend before school-I thought was pretty good. We ate homemade Cafe Rio salads (which turned out spectacularly) and lots of other goodies. It was just a casual night where we sat outside in the cooler weather (oh, how wonderful it felt), talked for hours, and went to bed after two. For the rest of the weekend, I felt like I couldn’t stop telling T.J. about all the things we discussed. I guess he also thought I was a little crabby because of the lack of sleep so he told me that I’m not allowed to go to another sleepover. Sure, mom.

(P.S. thanks to Sarah for some of these pictures)

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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    YESSSS!!! I can’t believe I’ve waited until Wednesday to see this! That was tons of fun, and I wish we could do it like once a month. I loved it. And yeah, who DID make those great signs? My favorite was the arrow that was only half colored in. Beautiful.


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