I visited Kentucky for 12 days because I wanted my siblings to meet Eva and it was my mom’s spring break. My sister from DC even came down with her two girls for the second week.

Everyday was filled with an activity. Shopping at Kenwood. Spending time with Blair and meeting her cute boyfriend Hamadi. Lots of Grilling outside. Firepits. Egg hunts. Conference. Watching The Mentalist (my parents got me hooked!). The Cincinnati Zoo. Walking downtown. Going to parks. Visiting my friend Lelia. Eating breakfast with Heather at Frisch’s. Skyline. Visiting with my brother. Cincinnati Art Museum. Trying to get Eva to sleep in a crib. Playing with Claire and Amelia. Giving the girls baths. Celebrating my dad’s birthday. Rio Grande with Blair. UK Game. Picnics.

Overall, it was wonderful. It’s always so hard to leave because I never know when I’ll be back and see my family again. Hopefully I’ll visit this summer!

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