“Where was your God that day?”

I posted this video on Facebook last week, but I keep thinking about it, especially the part where the mother of Emily, one of the 20 people killed last year at Sandy Hook, explains how God can let something so horrible happen, a question that I often struggle with when I see such awful things happening around the world and in others’ lives.

“People ask ‘where was your God when this happened’? ‘Why didn’t he stop it?’ God allowed others to kill His son. He allows for all of us to make our own choices – good and bad – because that’s the only way good can be in us is if we freely choose it over all else. Evil didn’t win that day, we will carry that love like she had. It’s quiet, it’s not on the news, it takes effort to find. But what I’ve realized through all of this is how strong and how big God’s love really is.”

This mother, who has suffered such pain that I can’t even imagine after losing her little girl, explains a question that most people have asked at one point or another. Where was God? How could he let this happen? We all have agency-the ability to choose between good and evil. But when horrible things happen, or maybe just a series of things happen that just add up to tear us down, we have to choose. We can let it destroy us, or we can learn and grow from the situation and continue to love when all else fails.

This Christmas season, my goal is to remember Jesus Christ, the meaning of the season. It all started in a humble manger, but it ended as a sacrifice for all of us, so that we can choose to do good in this world amidst all of the evil. God gave us the best gift of all for Christmas, and I hope we can all remember that this season.

Please share this video with others on social media. I think everyone can benefit from listening to the mother’s powerful words and story.


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