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In Relief Society last week, I realized that I need to study the scriptures in-depth. T.J. and I are reading the Book of Mormon from start to finish, but I want to study all the standard works by themes.

A friend of mine mentioned she writes blog posts for herself about what she reads, like an online journal. I instantly loved the idea. I’ve decided I’m going to do the same thing but instead of making it private, I’m going to make it public so that I am committed and can’t slack off.

I’m going to make a separate blog just for this goal of mine and I challenge you to follow it and read along with me, if you are struggling to keep a solid habit of studying the scriptures too. I think it could be really fun having a lot of people doing the same thing, comment on the blog, and learn from each other’s findings in the scriptures.

Find the blog here: 26 Minutes

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