What are the chances?

So, this story is super embarrassing. My mom is going to tell me that bathroom-humor is never appropriate to share, especially public on my blog. But I still have to share it, and because I’m pregnant, I’m hoping you won’t think less of me.

Here it goes. I was at Hobby Lobby today  and I accidentally… uhhh… let one. (That’s the best way I can describe it without losing all of my dignity.) I didn’t mean to, I promise! But when you’re pregnant, sometimes you just lose control and horrible things happen! This was one of those times. And unfortunately, a girl heard it and totally looked at me with a look like, “Are you kidding me?!”

My eyes just got really big, my face got flushed, and I turned down the first aisle available. I prayed that I wouldn’t run into her again in the store. But I did. We met eyes in the fabric section and it was like she was telling me, “I can’t believe you really did that!” And I was trying to tell her through my puppy eyes, while rubbing my belly, “I know, I’m ashamed… but my pregnancy is an excuse, right?”

So embarrassing. But it doesn’t end there.

Well, tonight I went to the Creamery with my friend and, lo and behold, guess who was in line RIGHT in front of me… THAT SAME GIRL!!! How does that even happen? I couldn’t face her, I just hid my face and hoped that she wasn’t telling all of her friends about the gross pregnant girl behind her.

Just you wait until you’re pregnant, Hobby Lobby girl… you’ll see how it is and then FINALLY you will understand!

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