Weeks 5-11

Backing up a bit to write down some things about the first couple months of pregnancy.

I think we found out around week 3 or 4 and then exactly on week 5, I started feeling sick. I don’t throw up during my pregnancies, so I feel like I can’t complain too much. But I do feel nauseous all the time and SO tired. But I got on some medicine right away and to my surprise, it actually has helped quite a bit for the nausea. My doctor tried to have me take this with my first pregnancy, but I never took it regularly… why was I so stupid? It makes a big difference. Unfortunately, it also has a side effect of making me even more tired. But I’d rather feel a little better and really tired, than sick and tired. The medicine has also helped with food aversions and smells. With Eva, so many foods turned me off and smells were a HUGE issue. It’s still not completely normal, but it’s much better than I know it could be. The only thing that makes me want to throw up is lettuce… I had a bad batch of lettuce (ahhh I can’t talk about it) in week 5 and now just the sight of it (or thought) makes me sick… so let’s move on and talk about something else. Oh and Diet Coke. All of a sudden I didn’t like it, or even crave it. I’ve had it a couple times then, just because I need it for energy, it just doesn’t taste the same to me. I should just stop drinking it completely, and not keep trying to see if I like it again, but as a mom, it used to be the magic potion to get me through each day. Haha!

The tiredness. Oh gosh. There were times where I hardly knew how I was going to make it through the day, let alone get off the couch to play with or help Eva. I still feel tired often, but I’m getting more bursts of energy regularly which gives me hope the first trimester really is ending.

I like my doctor and the practice well enough. I don’t love the hospital where I am supposed to deliver at, but for now, it’s the closest one and that just makes the most sense to me since we don’t have a car. I was so spoiled at the Orem Community hospital, so pretty much any hospital out here will be a huge downgrade. Things may change as the year goes by, though.

I haven’t gained weight yet, but I have definitely gotten bigger. I know the bump is going to pop out really early since it’s my second one and I’m already heavier to start this second time around… but I’m trying not to worry about it and just be healthy. I do love how in the mornings while in bed, I can feel the little peach pop out a little bit. That was always my favorite thing with Eva.

I haven’t liked cooking at all these past couple months, so we have eaten a lot of frozen foods and sandwiches. It was rough. I’m hoping it wears off soon.

Oh, as for telling family, and telling TJ we were expecting, it all went really well and so cute. I wrote a little card for TJ to find when he came home from work on the 9th and he couldn’t believe it. He was so sweet. I told my parents over FaceTime asking them to send Eva some Bernstein Bear Books (we used to read them as kids all the time), specifically the New Baby story. It took just a second and then it clicked with both of them and they cried and laughed. Perfection. And then to tell TJ’s parents, Eva repeated a poem after me, saying, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, September is when the baby is due!” Kelly’s reaction was amazing. I’m so grateful Eva and the new baby have such wonderful and supportive grandparents!

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#tbt to last month when we shared a valentine poem with @kellyrderrick. #ahh!

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