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Weekly Thought List

  • It’s been a while since I’ve done this but it’s time to start back up again.
  • When we got home last night, it was a little cooler and it felt AMAZING! I hate to wish away the summer, but being in the heat when you’re pregnant is certainly no fun.
  • We drove about 1200 miles in two days and I realized that, out of all the cities we drove through, I would only want to live in four of those. McKinney, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Provo. Alright… maybe I could live in some of those ski tows in the mountains that were gorgeous (and probably cost a fortune to live in). But that’s it.
  • Root Beer is better than Diet Coke. Plus no caffeine which is a plus.
  • I had a dream last night that I went into labor at 38 weeks (9 weeks away!!!) and the baby turned out to be a boy. I was so annoyed at my ultrasound technician and kept asking her why she told us it was a girl… I was going to have to bring my baby boy home in a dress! Weird.
  • My new favorite breed of dog is a Golden-Doodle. T.J. thinks it’s the ugliest thing he’s ever seen, but I think they’re adorable! They’re fluffy, the name is funny (a huge factor), they are big dogs, great with kids, the one below will shake your hand and put his head on your leg. #1 reason: they don’t shed! Sign me up for one, please.  (The one below is named Charlie, which was the same name of my dog growing up, so that also may be another reason I’m in love with him! Look at his cute eyes and fluffy fur!)

  • I haven’t had any sciatic nerve pain since Wednesday. I’ve been watching my posture, which I think has helped. Oh, please tell me it was just a phase…
  • I forgot that my belly is still growing. I was kind of under an impression that when it got big a couple weeks ago, it would stay at that level of hugeness. But no, it still has forever to go and that makes me absolutely miserable thinking about. Get this baby out of me!!! I feel like a whale!
  • I finished the second Hunger Games book and am half way through The Help. Maybe I cheated a bit and listened to The Help as an audiobook, but it still counts as “reading a book” right? The second Hunger Games book was incredible and so intense! I hear the third one’s ending is a bit of a let down, but I’m still excited to finish the series. And then The Help is SO good, but so sad at times. It’s crazy that it was just fifty years ago when all of it was happening. Bizarre.
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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    Funny dog names are definitely a factor in selecting a pet. Basically all the Doodles are the best sorts of dogs.

    Hunger Games is so awesome. My advice to you is to just pick up the 3rd one and read it the second you finish the 2nd one. Otherwise you’ll have all this time to come up with opinions about what you want to happen. I read the whole thing like it was one book, and was never disappointed. But my friends who read them and then waited for the 3rd one to come out totally were. Not that this is a failsafe option, I’m just imparting my own wisdom on the topic.

    I haven’t listened to The Help, but I heard it’s like the best audiobook ever because of the lady who reads Minnie. I love that book.


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