Weekly Thought List: Timeline

For my thought list this week, I’m doing something a little different. I went through old thought lists and picked out funny/favorite/interesting ones:

  • 8/6/13 Eva learned the word “mine” this week. So, that’s fun.
  • 6/10/13 The building that we live in is about 90% occupied with Indian families. Everyone is very friendly and nice, we love it. But our hallways smell like curry 100% of the time.
  • 5/16/13 I scolded Eva the other day saying, “No,” very firmly while waving my pointer finger at her. What did she do? I thought it might make her cry. But no. She did the EXACT same thing right back at me. The finger and everything. SHE IS ONLY ONE AND A HALF! What is it going to be like when she’s five? At least at that age she’ll be able to understand more clearly.
  • 2/1/13 It’s Groundhog Day this weekend! “Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” You’re telling me, Phil!
  • 1/23/13 The more Downton Abbey I watch, the more I catch myself talking in a British accent.
  • 1/10/13 Monday night, I had friends over to watch The Bachelor premiere. Uhm, hello. It was awful… I mean, awesome. I hate that show so much sometimes, but I also just love it. The awkwardness of Sean meeting all the girls made me cringe so much that I had to cover my eyes! It will be a fun season. See all you girls at my house next week, same time!
  • 11/19/12 A year ago, I was 38 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone.
  • 9/12/12 I’ve been thinking about our future a lot recently since T.J. graduates next Spring. I am getting so excited for a new adventure! It’s so fun to think we really could go anywhere! I’m really pushing for New York, Chicago, or Cincinnati. I don’t want to live in those cities permanently (I hope to actually come back to Utah if things work out). But I’d love to get away for a couple of years while we still can with a small, young family.
  • 5/25/12 I just caught myself singing along to the Disney Junior TV show, Chuggington. “Chugginton chuggingchugginchugginchugginchugginton…”
  • 3/17/12 “Goodness knows they’re squinters.” T.J. said this quote today and it made me realize it’s time to rewatch Arrested Development again for the… thousandth time?
  • 3/7/12 I haven’t been to the movies for three months. Depressing.
  • 1/24/12 I’m listening to Mistletoe by Justin Bieber. I don’t care that Christmas is over. I love the song.
  • 1/3/12 I can’t tell you how many boxes of gingerbread men cookies that I went through in the past five days because my mom would freak out if she knew. But I’m now having a withdrawal because we are all out! Oh, Smith’s please tell me you still have some boxes left!!!
  • 11/7/11 I ate a spinach salad for dinner. Maybe that doesn’t seem like anything to share, but I kind of feel like I should get a round of applause for it… Yes… Thank you!
  • 9/12/11 I forgot that my belly is still growing. I was kind of under an impression that when it got big a couple weeks ago, it would stay at that level of hugeness. But no, it still has forever to go and that makes me absolutely miserable thinking about. Get this baby out of me!!! I feel like a whale!
  • 7/26/11 My mom left me a voicemail yesterday. The good kind. About how she was proud of me, not to tell me to take something off of my blog. Made me cry and I made T.J. listen to it. Loved it.
  • 7/19/11 HarryPotterwasawesome.HarryPotterwasawesome.HarryPotterwasawesome.
  • 7/30/10 A beautiful bouquet of flowers showed up in my office this morning. My eyes got wide and a huge smile came across my face, only to find out that they were for my boss.

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for more than three years now! It’s been so much fun writing and looking back at old posts.

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