Weekly Thought List

    • Sometimes as a mom, I catch myself comparing myself to other moms. I hate it. I need to do the best I can do and feel good about it.
    • We have had great weather here these past couple of days. 75 and a breeze.
    • I had a Panera’s Cinnamon Crunch Bagel this morning. I haven’t had one of those for years. So delicious. Who cares if it was in the middle of a workout-walk? Not me. Treat yo’self.
    • If you are someone who calls me regularly, I changed your photo to a picture of someone from the office. So now I need you guys to actually call me so I can have a good laugh when I get a call!
    • How about the Bachelorette last night? (***Spoiler alert***)I literally had NO idea that would happen, but surprisingly, I am happy about it. Chris seems like a real person. Not there to become a celeb. But Juan Pablo as the next Bachelor? Not thrilled about that. I guess they chose him because he’s a looker. But he was so boring on the screen! I think they should have brought in someone new or used Arie from last year.
    • Eva learned the word “mine” this week. So, that’s fun.
    • How is it already August?
    • Have you watched this Mumford & Sons video yet…


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  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    Hahaha that video! For some reason, two guys kissing isn’t as gross as two girls kissing, but still gross nonetheless. I love Jason Bateman so much.

    Also, I love that Eva says mine. I hope she says 2000 words while I’m there.

  2. Laura Bean
    Laura Bean says:

    I think I am happy about the bachelorette. I can’t decide all the way. And I totally wouldn’t believe JPablo was in it for anything other than dating lots of women, except that his daughter is so cute. So maybe he’ll be alright. But perpetuating the “if I don’t win I might become the next bachelor,” is dumb to me. Although I can see why they do it.


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