Weekly Thought List

  1. I’m really getting excited for the fall. I put up some of my decorations, but held back on the Halloween ones (although I wish I could put them up already!).
  2. I’ve been saving up my baby jars to do this craft: 
  3. Two days in a row I have made dinner for our family! The first night I made some garlic chicken with sweet potatoes and asparagus, and then last night I made crock pot chicken tacos. Both were delicious and easy! Yay to saving money and not eating out!
  4. Last Friday I went out with my girlfriends to the Women’s Expo. I got a lot of free SWAG and hoped I would win a drawing… but I haven’t won anything yet 🙁 
  5. I go to Kentucky for two weeks next Tuesday. I can’t wait to see my parents!
  6. I wish I could wear leggings and an oversized Tshirt everyday. So comfy.
  7. Last night I had so many scary dreams and I “thought” I heard someone in our house sneeze. I’m guessing I had the scary dreams because I read an article about preventing burglaries right before bed.
  8. We watched What to Expect when Expecting yesterday. I love that movie. I love how it highlights so many different people in different situations: people who didn’t plan on getting pregnant, people who can’t get pregnant, people who try for a long time, and a couple who have a really easy pregnancy. It’s just so cute/funny/tender.
  9. Remember how my bestie Hannah is visiting Provo when I get back in town? YES!
  10. All of my favorite TV shows start back up soon! Can’t wait to see what happens in Parks & Rec!
  11. Last week I was having a hard day and so I treated myself to a French dessert at my favorite French bakery in Orem. Everyday I try to convince myself to go back because it tasted so good. Then I have to repeat in my head over and over again… ICANNOTGOBACKICANNOTGOBACK!
  12. It’s hard getting used to sharing a bed. Can we upgrade to a California King please??
  13. I’ve been thinking about our future a lot recently since T.J. graduates next Spring. I am getting so excited for a new adventure! It’s so fun to think we really could go anywhere! I’m really pushing for New York, Chicago, or Cincinnati. I don’t want to live in those cities permanently (I hope to actually come back to Utah if things work out). But I’d love to get away for a couple of years while we still can with a small, young family.
  14. Someone asked me where my accent is from. That pretty much made my day! I was pretty sure my (very slight) Kentucky accent had faded!
  15. This week I have been focusing on faith in my prayers and scripture studies.

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  1. Lelia
    Lelia says:

    Love this idea! So cute! I might steal this idea sometime in the future! And I can’t even explain how excited I am to see you! Can we please take Eva on a little shopping trip because I need some updating and you’re just the person to help 🙂 Pretty please! Plus we need to have a play date with Lily and Eva, so maybe a day at the park? Can.Not.Wait! Oh and I’d be okay if you moved to Cincinnati! I’ll start calling Graphic Design places and telling them to hire TJ 🙂


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