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Weekend Happenings

36 Weeks

Friday night, T.J. promised he’d take me out to eat so we chose Red Robin. I love that place because of their fries (obvs.) and you can substitute a turkey burger for the regular burger AND they have this awesome pretzel bun right now that you can also substitute for a regular bun. Usually when we eat there, we don’t have to wait too long for our food but this weekend was different. It seemed like we were waiting there for ever and our perky little waitress loved stopping by every two minutes to ask if we were doing okay. Enough’s enough, lady. After getting our food, I told T.J. we shouldn’t tip too much because the wait was so bad and that girl really got on my nerves. But then all of a sudden she came over (again), and told us she asked her manager if she could give the pregnant girl a discount for having to wait so long for her food.

Oh, hello… sounds great to me. Turns out it pays to be pregnant. And sorry for almost not giving you a decent tip, dear waitress.

So, our meal was only $10! Score!

Saturday we woke up and headed up to T.J.’s family’s place for mine and Lindsay’s (my sister-in-law) baby shower. Kelly and Lacey made wonderful hostesses and the food was delicious. There was this pumpkin soup that tasted divine. Seriously, I ate so much of it and will hopefully get a recipe to make much much more. All of T.J.’s aunts and cousins came… there were probably twenty of us and boy, did we get showered with gifts. It was amazing. Our baby is going to be the best dressed baby in the area, I swear. I can’t wait to play dress-up with her!

And then on Saturday night, T.J.’s parents treated us to dinner at iHop and we decided it must have been every single employee’s first day working. There were so many awkward encounters, comments from waiters that didn’t make sense, and not to mention, a HUGE wait. Like, I’m talking about everyone in the restaurant looking around waiting to see if anyone was going to eat that night. How long does it take to crack open some eggs, ya know? But in the end, guess what happened… flash back to Friday night… we got a discount! Drinks were covered and 20% was taken off of our bill. Fabs.

Today I woke up around six without being able to swallow and my ears were hurting a lot. I thought I had gracefully gotten over my cold from this week but apparently it took another swing at me today. Please tell me some secret remedies you have to getting over a cold without medicine. I would love to hear it. Pleaseandthankyou.

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