Valentine’s Day

As I was going through my Valentine’s Day photos, I couldn’t believe I didn’t take one of TJ and me over the weekend! So, I only have pictures of the kids, but don’t let that worry you… TJ is my first Valentine and we got to have a fun date out together out at the movies! He also surprised me with a huge box of delicious chocolates. He never has the car since he walks to work so I was wondering how or if he’d get me a gift but then on Saturday afternoon, a box was delivered and it was the best surprise ever!

Eva had a Valentine’s Day party at her school on Friday. That morning, we turned on Disney music, danced around, and put together her valentines. She wrote her name on each card and was so excited about them. She was a little worried about having to give them away, but I explained to her she would give hers out (get to keep one for herself) and in exchange, she’d get a dozen others from her friends at school. Well, I got her dressed up, did her hair and nails, then dropped her off. Well, when I picked her up from school and went through her school bag to see what she brought home like usual, I noticed ALL of her valentines were still in her bag. I couldn’t believe it. Did she not want to give them away? How did the two parents and one teacher not notice this was going on? There was a 3 to 1 kid to teacher, so I just couldn’t understand what happened. I asked Eva what happened and she said she just didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t as distraught as I was, I think I was annoyed no one noticed little Eva sitting there not passing out her valentines. Anyway, she passed them out the next school day and all is well.

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