I’m a Utahan?

Last week I changed my last name and once I get my new social security card, I’ll be getting my new drivers license.  A Utah drivers license.

I will miss my Kentucky license.  It always sparked conversation and it made me unique. And although my home is now in Utah and my license will say I’m a Utahan, I will always be a Kentuckian at heart (always remember that, mom).

Anyway, now that I’m going to be a Utahan, it’s time to start acting like one.

So first thing on the list as a Utahan was to go camping.  Last weekend I went camping with T.J. and his sister Lacey and her husband Josh out on the other side of Utah Lake. Just a bunch of Utahans camping in the dessert, with a big truck, lots of supplies, a firepit, and guns.

Next thing on the list is to hike Mt. Timp.  Anyone want to join?

First time shooting a gun.

We scooped out the insides of oranges, put cake batter inside, wrapped them up in foil, and baked them over a fire. Delish!

Camping when you're married is awesome!

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