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I know, I know, I write so many blog posts. I’m still obsessed, but it’s for my sanity. It helps me clear my thoughts.

Anyway, update for today! My first class was great. I got there early so I wouldn’t have to worry about everyone staring at me when I walked in. I got to be the starer. The class was Communications 432- Account Planning. My professor is great and I am getting excited about my major again.

Also, my best bud Carrie came to the class so that was clearly awesome (I’m crossing my fingers that a space will open up so she can add it).

Anyway, no need for an anxiety attack today. After class, Carrie and I headed to Sonic for a little break because we have our elective together at 4 – Media and the First Amendment. I love media law, so I’m very excited about this one too!

But the BEST part is that Carrie and I checked the roll to see who was in the next class. And our favorite character in the major is in the class. I have no tolerance for him but on the other hand I love having classes with him because he gives me great stories! So, hopefully after this class tonight I’ll have a great blog post story for you!

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