Turning into my Mom

(Before I start: I love you mom… this is just a funny memory that has a good ending.)


Growing up I could never understand how we’d ask my mom for one thing at the grocery store and she’d come home with something similar but not exact. Regular Life instead of cinnamon. Mango juice instead of orange. Pizza blasted goldfish instead of cheddar blasted. You get the deal.

We’d always say, “Just look at the label!” But still… it always happened and I never understood.

Until this week.

It’s happened to me TWICE!

I was at Trader Joe’s in the pretzel aisle and I wanted the pretzel nuggets with the peanut butter inside. I saw a big bag and a small bag, I thought I should go for the small because goodness knows I didn’t need a big bag of those delights. So, after leaving the store, I couldn’t even wait one minute before opening up the bag. But as soon as I ate one nugget I knew it wasn’t right. I grabbed the wrong kind of pretzels even though I was in the right snack section! They were still good (sesame pretzels), but I was disappointed.

The second happened yesterday. I went to grab the new box of Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade that I bought on Monday (that’s my favorite kind and I buy it every week) when I noticed the label looked a little different. Sure enough, I bought the fruit punch flavor! I haven’t had fruit punch for years and there is definitely a reason. Yuck!

So, there you have it. Slowly but surely, I am turning into my mom. One day my kids are going to look at me with those same confused faces we gave our mom years ago. I guess what goes around, comes around… right?

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