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“Turkey day is the most fun day!” -Martha Stewart

  1. I can’t sleep very much anymore. I sleep for like four or five hours then wake up. That of course makes me extremely tired and so then after a couple of hours, I’m ready for another round of sleep. It’s awful and each cycle is filled with vivid dreams of the baby. Yesterday I dreamt that the baby finally started to breast-feed, she fell out of her cradle (that was awful), and then was old enough within a couple of days to play in the bathtub with those bath marker things. Bizarre stuff.
  2. Everyday I hope there will be snow. I think it’s because we have our tree up now and I feel like, if there’s snow out there, it doesn’t make me as crazy for putting the tree up before Thanksgiving. So, this 50 degree weather is really out of place.
  3. T.J. and I are contemplating so hard about getting an Xbox with Kinect for Christmas. It will be really inexpensive at Walmart on Black Friday. We never buy big things like that though, heck I won’t even buy jeans that are more than $30. BUT I LOVE THE KINECT! It is so much fun, a great workout, and could be our gift to each other for Christmas. On the other hand, it still is a lot of money. And we have a baby on the way that will cost a lot. Tell me what to do!
  4. My cold is almost gone! It only took three weeks.
  5. My doctor said no progress still down there with the baby stuff. So, I said, “Well, at least it won’t come on Thanksgiving.” And then he replied, “You can say that on Friday.” Being a ticking time bomb is kind of crazy.
  6. I get to make my pies today for Thanksgiving! Can’t wait! Which reminds me, how do YOU say “pecan”?
  7. The news is on in the background and it’s showing all the holiday traffic and snowy roads through the country. It’s making me kind of happy that we are staying here and not dealing with it. But I sure am missing my family!
  8. Did I buy eggnog at the store yesterday? You better believe it. (Don’t worry Mom, it’s lowfat).
  9. Yesterday I got a check in the mail from Winder Farms. I only worked there for a couple of weeks back in March and I already got paid for that time. So, it was completely out of the blue and so random. Seriously, it was so awesome that I started crying immediately. hahaha, oh I’m ridiculous.
  10. Random story: Last week I tried to wake T.J. up for work at 7 but he was up until 5 am working on projects for school. So, he told me to text his boss for him to tell her she’d be late. I asked what I should say and he replied, “Fun house mirrors.” I said, “T.J. that doesn’t make sense.” He said, “They always make sense.”
  11. Martha Stewart is on the Today show. Some of the reporters went to her house for a Thanksgiving dinner and to see her farm. How many people do you think help Martha? Does she even help anymore? She just said she is grateful for her grandchild… she has kids? Do you think she always was amazing at crafts? Why is she wearing leggings on the show? SO MANY QUESTIONS!
  12. I can’t wait to see The Muppets! I laughed so hard when I first saw this clip…
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