Trick or Treat

On Halloween, some friends and family came over to Trick or Treat around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who live in the condos around us are old and retired so not many people came to the door. But we still had a lot of fun.

I teared up a bit at the first door. T.J. probably thinks he married a crazy lady, but I can’t help it! It’s so incredible to think that now I have my own little girl with whom I can share holidays and traditions.

At one door, the woman asked if we were really going to give the candy to the kids or if it was for the parents. I jokingly said it was just for the kids… it was so awkward though! Who are we fooling, it’s all for us! But hey, they get to look at our cute kids in costume, the least they can do is give us a piece of candy! 🙂

Grandma Kelly and Elephant Eva

T.J. as a steampunk villain, Eva, Lacey as a circus master, and her tiget Cohen

T.J., Eva, and Grandpa Mark making the same crazy face Eva makes

Our friends, the Whitcombs, Josh, and Cohen

The Circus

Lindsay and Dustin were the dog snatchers from 101 Dalmations and Holly was a cute puppy

I was Miranda Sings, one of my favorite YouTube characters.

As a side note, T.J. and I realized we Trick or Treat differently. Growing up, we would knock on the door and yell, “Trick or treat!” to get the people to come to the door. T.J. says the phrase once they come to the door. I trick-or-treated through my Senior year of high school so, I think the expert knows the right way… But what do you think?

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