Too Busy for Blogging?

In answer to that question: never.

But I am pretty busy. I work every morning for about four or five hours and then head to class for the rest of the day. Yesterday I was very sick with a stomach bug so I had to miss the first day of classes which actually made me utterly depressed. But I’m back on my feet today for school and have an hour between classes to report about my life.

First of all, when people ask me what year I am or my graduation date, I can’t believe that I say, “Senior,” or, “In April.” It is crazy to me. I know I’ve posted on that before, but it still feels fake.

Next, I’m in a cooking class. Food Preparation in the Home. I just came from my first weekly lecture and my lab is Friday with my darling friend Hannah. I cannot wait. The lecture is so interesting and got me so excited for the class. I really think it will motivate me to cook and eat healthy foods, along with teaching me great new recipes and skills. Who knows, maybe I’ll want to go to culinary school??? Probs not, but maybes.

I had a media law class on Monday. It was my first and last because as soon as I got out of class I dropped it immediately even though doing that put me through an anxiety fest these past few days trying to find another class to fill the requirement for my major. I really find media law and ethics interesting, I’ve taken a class about it in the past. But this one was way over my head. The professor is a great man, but he speaks a different language than I do and taking the class would lower my GPA for sure, which I cannot afford at this point since I’m definitely going to grad school in the future.

Homework has started for both T.J. and me. T said he wasn’t going to bed until he read because he didn’t want to be a procrastinator this semester. I nagged him on to make sure he was true to his word. I’m sure he will appreciate it in the long run.

Other than that, life is good. Married life is great. It has been kind of sad though because we don’t get to see each other or eat lunch with each other every day, but we are trying to squeeze in time when we can. I drop him off, he picks me up, I make the lunch, he comes and gets it. It’s kind of precious. Something that has been nice as a married student is that I never have to worry about the boy drama at school. BYU students are trained to look at the ring finger because there are so many married or engaged people. And on another note, T.J. and I text each other throughout the day so we can keep in touch. Since we’ve gotten married, we rarely text and I kind of forget about my phone. But a little message or two from him through the day really gets me excited and happy!

That’s all for now, folks.

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