“Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards, I don’t want this weekend to end.”

Friday, T.J. was very sick from food poisoning and so we went to bed pretty early and thought our weekend would be a bust. But he woke up the next morning feeling great and so we decided to spend the day at Seven Peaks, the waterpark in Provo to which we have passes.

I asked T.J. if we could rent a double tube. I’d never gotten a tube at a park since they’re pricy, but he agreed. Then what followed is hilarious but so embarrassing. Because I was so excited, I started tearing up!  (I’m telling you, my emotions are out of control right now). T.J. couldn’t stop laughing about it, and I admit it was ridiculous.

I didn’t ride all the rides because of the lil’ babe. But, we did ride the small tube ones, sat in the lazy river where a little boy screamed at me saying, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!”, and we swam in the wave pool (my favorite). I just closed my eyes and pretended I was at the beach.

After the park, we got ready to out for dinner. I’ve been wearing dresses a lot because they’re most comfortable, so I felt like we got so dressed up. Bombay House is our favorite and sounded delicious after a long day at the pool. We split some curry and tikka masala. Delish.

To finish the night off, we took a walk around Kiwanis park, which is in the backyard of our old apartments. It brought back so many memories seeing Chatham Towne and the different places in the park T.J. and I had spent time together. I love that park.

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