To dream… the impossible dream…

My dream a few weeks ago my dream was to get my normal nose back. Not the actual nose, I mean, nothing has physically happened to the appearance of my nose. But, everything had been smelling horribly and differently, as you may recall.

Well, that impossible dream almost has come true. There are still a few smells that make me sick or just smell too strong to handle, but for the most part, I can handle a lot of smells without gagging! Hazzah!

Best of all, I finally got to wear my Burberry Brit perfume for the first time in three months. It was wonderful finally getting to use my fragrances! I’ve even had to eliminate odor in soaps because they were too strong, so this is a big deal!

The only downside is that things are tasting differently to me. So, I’m not sure which one I’d rather have–a bad sense of smelling or a bad sense of tasting? What do you think?

We were at the movies the other day, we bought a small bag of Kettle Corn (my favorite, usually) and I leaned over to T.J. after tasting a bite and asked him if the popcorn had an hardboiled egg aftertaste, sure it wasn’t just me.

It was just me.

To go along with the post title, enjoy this song.

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