TJ’s New Job

TJ has been working at his new job now for three months and really has enjoyed it. It’s been a great company to work for with so many great benefits and perks. Plus, we both love that the commute time is just a short five minute walk since we only have car. Last week his team went on a trip to San Francisco and then to Portland. It looks like they had a good time. I was pretty jealous that he got to go on this trip but I have traveled a lot without him, so I guess it was okay . Don’t you love this photobombing couple behind TJ? Makes me laugh so much!

IMG_0658 IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0663

Here are some other work-related photos:

His team has done a couple hikes this summer, including Mt. Timp which is where this photo was taken.


They have a cafeteria at his office with really good food, so we have come to eat with TJ a couple times this summer.


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