Thursday Three

  1. We got VidAngel a couple weeks ago and it’s awesome. As you may know, it edits movies and TV shows for you after you purchase them, then you sell it back. So, it only costs $1-2 a movie. We’ve gotten to watch a lot of movies we’ve wanted to see but never did because of their rating. (Gone Girl, Revenant, Slumdog Millionaire!) But also, gotten to watch regular movies (as in, not an R 😉 ) without having to go to Redbox. They have a HUGE selection of movies, as much as Redbox, plus more. And wayyyyy more than Netflix. Netflix is the worst with new movies. So, get VidAngel. There’s an app on my AppleTV and Amazon Fire Stick for it, so I’m sure you can find it on your system too.
  2. We’ve got family pictures coming up this weekend! Today I’ve got to figure out what we are going to wear. The kids are mostly done, but trying to coordinate with them (and the extended family) and then like what I’ve picked out for myself is another matter.
  3. I’ve had a couple people ask me how I make my roasted veggies, so I threw together a quick video. We’ve been eating fish and veggies for at least two or three meals a week around here recently, and it’s been great for weight loss. The tilapia I have here is frozen from Smith’s and you just open it up and stick it in frozen so there’s no thawing, no thinking ahead, great for a last minute meal! So easy. We’ve also gotten fresh cod and salmon from Smith’s (they do the same at Kroger). You tell them what seasonings you want or ask them for their suggestions (tell them to not add butter, it doesn’t need it), and the bag they give it to you in, you put directly in the oven. Also, incredibly easy. I get easily freaked out when preparing fish, so up until now, I hadn’t cooked it much. But you really should give it a try! Easy, healthy dinner in 20 minutes!

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