Thoughts of the Day

I got a paper cut in the crease between my thumb and pointer finger. It’s the worst place to have a paper cut, I’ve decided.

I’m sick of this teasing weather. STAY WARM, PLEASE!

I am craving a cheesy braut, the kind you grill over a fire-pit, you know? I’m hoping Memorial Day will bring me such a treat. Along with Dirt Pudding.

We are seeing The King’s Speech (PG-13 version, of course) at the dollar movie tonight. I’m so excited to see it AND to only pay $1 for the ticket.

I looked up summer concerts and festivals today, I can’t wait!

Right when I was recognizing all the people at church, our boundaries changed and now I’ve got to start all over.

I really want a sewing machine. I’m jealous of all my friends making amazing clothes and know that if I had one, I could do it too! I just need to get my own machine!



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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    The King’s Speech is at the dollar theater? We might just have to go, I had no idea! Thanks girl. Also, you can come over and use my sewing machine anytime.

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    Heidi and I saw the King’s Speech on Saturday… LOVED IT!!!! Fantastic movie.

    The ward split has been weird….

    See you Saturday!


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